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Wednesday, April 2
Priscilla was the moniker that adorned corporate documents not so long ago, when she served as vice president of The Hutson Companies, the barons who own so much land throughout Northeast Florida. Rachael was the name under which she ran a …
BLURRED LINES Tuesday, April 1
For St. Johns County Commissioner Rachael Bennett, there’s little difference between loyalty to her constituents and loyalty to her former employer
STILL FIGHTING IT Tuesday, April 1
The ongoing battle over racial discrimination at the Jacksonville Fire Department
There's no one in Jacksonville more ubiquitous or enigmatic than Wayne Wood
SAVE THE WHALES! Wednesday, March 26
No, really, that's what this story's about — saving endangered right whales (and other marine mammals) from Big Oil
The Usual Suspects Wednesday, March 19
After decades of equal opportunity programs, Jacksonville has failed to make a dent in the good ol' boys network
The Fake History of St. Augustine Wednesday, March 12
As the Oldest City nears its 450th birthday, we break down what's real and what's, well, not so much
WATER HOGS VIII Tuesday, March 11
Stop sucking (water), you guys
Where Are They Now? Tuesday, March 11
Last year's worst Water Hogs doing slightly better. See? Shame works.
Water Hogs: How It Works Tuesday, March 11
Folio Weekly compiles this list using records supplied by JEA on the top 50 water-users
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