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The Jacksonville City Council president (and Jesus, probably) have decided that MOCA’s newest exhibit is porn, are demanding that its funding be cut
Let's acknowledge a few things up front: The action President Obama took last week to shield some 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation is neither illegal nor unconstitutional. It did not subvert democracy 
or turn the presidency into …
As the state's and Jacksonville's poor go without legal representation, The Florida Bar fights a $100 fee to fund legal aid
Folio Weekly: Tell me a little about what 
you do. Desiree Bailey: I run a used-book store, and I have fun here all day long. I really do. People who come in here want to be here. How did you get into books? We read all the time growing …
The recent sexual assault allegations of the formerly-beloved comedian could tarnish Brown's public image
A Clay County private eye thinks he solved the controversial mystery of the St. Augustine woman’s supposed suicide.
The GOP rigged the game and reaped the benefits
Folio Weekly: Tell me a little about what you do.Lee McNulty: Car audio, lighting, video and window tint. Been at it 22 years. How did you get into this?Started at the house taking apart stuff. …
He was Jacksonville's most iconoclastic artist. God, he hated this place
Mayor Alvin Brown’s future rides on his ability to get a deal through
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