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Or, has the city really turned the corner on generations of broken promises to its poor neighborhoods, or is Alvin Brown just looking for votes?
Your first-ever, possibly annual, absolutely indispensable guide to local awesomeness, presented by the coolest people you know (us)
When Mayor Alvin Brown called me after the City Council approved a long-debated pension deal 16-3, he was in an expansive mood. And why wouldn't he be? He'd just scored the biggest victory of his administration. He did the requisites: He lauded …
Some activists say they captured on tape what could be construed as police misconduct. The cops confiscated their cameras, and haven't given them back
What happened after the Cummer discovered that one of its most treasured paintings had been stolen by the Nazis during WWII, and now the rightful owners wanted it back.
A paperwork error leads to an expensive special election and a whole lot of chaos
This time of year brings a lot of hurt
What would masterpieces look like if they had to meet the standards of Jacksonville’s self-appointed decency cop?
In which the boys mount the biggest comeback in franchise history
The short version: Angela caved, and it reveals a lot about how she works
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