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Witness to the Prosecution Wednesday, February 19
Thoughts from a week in 
the courtroom watching 
the Michael Dunn trial
Ax Gary Tuesday, January 21
The Florida Bar has Ask Gary and other lawyer-referral services in its sights
SEE NO EVIL Tuesday, April 15
On the city's effort to vanquish racism — you know, by pretending it doesn’t exist
THE SHAKEDOWN Tuesday, April 15
On Big Beer’s ongoing efforts to smother the little guy
FAREWELL, OLD FRIEND Tuesday, April 15
On Avondale Artworks, which is closing
A WAR OF LETTERS Wednesday, April 16
The city of Jacksonville and the feds have it out over allegation of racism at the Fire Department
THE LONELY JIHAD Wednesday, April 2
Deciphering Al Qaeda wannabe Shelton Bell's test pattern
Wednesday, April 2
Priscilla was the moniker that adorned corporate documents not so long ago, when she served as vice president of The Hutson Companies, the barons who own so much land throughout Northeast Florida. Rachael was the name under which she ran a …
The Banned List Tuesday, March 4
Nine books and one magazine have been 'removed' from Duval County Public Schools
Bloodlust Wednesday, February 5
Duval County has more inmates awaiting a date 
with the needle than anywhere else in Florida
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