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Residents lead revitalization efforts
URBAN DAWN Wednesday, May 18
As she prepares to leave NE Florida, Dawn Emerick shares insights about some of our community’s most pressing injustices
PECKING ORDERS Wednesday, May 25
St. Johns County de-coops popular yard art business
In a hateful world, rise above the fray
LEADING is BELIEVING Wednesday, July 6
Betty Burney is on a mission to teach Jacksonville’s youth to change the world
CORRINE'S DAY in COURT Wednesday, July 13
The real tragedy of the slush fund scam
WHEN SNAKES ATTACK! Wednesday, June 1
Some helpful advice on what to do if your best friend gets bitten
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, PART I Wednesday, April 27
The first of Davi’s two-part series about how to handle common pet emergencies
HI-YO SILVER, AWAY! Wednesday, July 20
Davi becomes a BARK Ranger
Where the Beers Are Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Take a tour of Northeast Florida’s microbreweries