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Beers on the BLOCK Wednesday, April 26
Just a few years ago, Northeast Florida’s craft beer choices were limited. Since Bold City Brewing Company opened in 2008, though, the area’s come a long way. There are now 19 working …
Dirty Little SECRETS Wednesday, May 10
Blessed with stunning scarlet sunrises and a wide, white sandy beach that beckons, wouldn’t you think a seaside community where tourism is the No. 1 industry would lead the pack in protecting …
Calling All Pet Lovers Wednesday, June 5, 2013
BLOWN Away Wednesday, June 7
Davi’s tips for hurricane preparedness for pets
STILL Poppin' Wednesday, April 26
Ajeen and Juice of San Marco (where Pulp used to be) features Middle Eastern street food along with some recognizable favorites from the Pulp menu, like smoothies and acai bowls. All the dishes …
A Slice of the EYE Wednesday, March 29
The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. A new piece of legislation makes them seem more like a money pie to be carved up and served to the highest bidder. In yet another example …
30 LEGENDS of Northeast Florida Wednesday, April 5
Well, it’s official. Folio Weekly is certifiably middle-aged. Yep, we’re 30! And not the 30, flirty and fabulous kind, either. (OK, maybe a skosh.) Now that we’re qualified for true …
Character CHANGE Wednesday, May 24
Zoning modification means a downtown housing boom could come to Fernandina Beach
Private DANCER Wednesday, March 29
Virtual reality has its perks. In the case of VRClubz, those perks are in the form of, well, breasts. VRClubz has partnered with Gold Club San Francisco to create the world’s first licensed …
Filling the GAPS Wednesday, May 24
Jim Kern's path to complete the Florida Trail