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Some might say I am an opportunistic feeder. Chalk it up to being a dog, but I think I have a problem. I gobble everything and it drives my mom crazy. I ran into a friend who told me, “Maybe …
Visionary RESIDENTS Wednesday, May 17
Aaron Levi and Stevie Covart Garvey invite national contemporary artists to stay, create and network in Northeast Florida
The CLONE War Begins Wednesday, June 7
To save his business, Don Myers picks a fight with one of America's richest men
Going VIRAL Wednesday, June 14
As the canine flu hits Florida, Davi doles out advice for staying healthy
SON of a Beach Wednesday, May 24
Northeast Florida's coastline is a place of warm wonder—if you survive it
Animal activist Khendall Swearingen, a spunky seven-year-old vegan from Jacksonville, has no qualms about fighting for the causes he believes in. Last month, Khendall, whose mother asked to be …
Comm-UNITY School Tuesday, April 18
If you walk through the front doors of Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership, you’ll notice the hallways are clear and the usual high school commotion is absent. That is, until you …
Whether it’s a beach, a beer or a book, there’s something fabulous for you to get into this weekend
KiDS DIRECTORY 2017 Wednesday, April 19
Get your kids’ summer geared up and ready to go with a little help from Northeast Florida’s best guide to everything kids want to do!____________________  FOR …
Big Drippers Wednesday, May 15, 2013
This is the seventh year Folio Weekly has collected the Top 50 Water Hogs in Northeast Florida. Find why their excessive use of this precious resource is so egregrious here.  Read a list …