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HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY Wednesday, September 9
Dweezil Zappa and his band celebrate the 40th anniversary of Frank Zappa’s "One Size Fits All"
GIVING THANKS 5 days ago
Thanksgiving is upon us, a time when we express our collective appreciation for the all of the good in our lives. Also, a time when the president symbolically “pardons” the White House …
DANCING IN YOUR HEAD Wednesday, September 23
Empowerment, activism and LGBTQ identity drive the electro-pop sounds of TOMBOI
The other day, my doorbell rang. My wife, from the front room, yelled, “The Devil and his wife are here.” Though I have been expecting Satan to come calling for some time now, I knew …
ROOT DOWN Thursday, October 1
Folio Weekly goes on the hunt for the legendary master of New Orleans hoodoo funk and laid-back soul
FREEBIRD DEAD Wednesday, November 4
“Oh, no, Freebird is closing!” So goes the current cry of local musicians. The death of another Northeast Florida live music venue has the community up in arms, devastated by the news. …
RAISING CAIN Wednesday, November 4
geexella keeps surviving and thriving while delivering some of the savviest soulful sounds in Duval
NERD EXCEL Thursday, October 1
THE COSMIC PUPPETS Wednesday, September 16
Extraterrestrials, Christian Science, and ventriloquist’s dummies are all welcome in the realm of DAVID LIEBE HART
DOLPHIN DANCE Wednesday, October 7
I must admit, when the organizers of Jacksonville University’s Dolphinium Records contacted me last year about their new releases, of which there were only a handful, I was suspect. As …