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DAY OF THE DEAD Wednesday, August 3
China Cat Sunflower Festival
NOW'S the Time Wednesday, September 28
LOW & SLOW Wednesday, August 17
Miami trio Shroud Eater rise above standard metal taxonomy with a dark, heavy, sludge-inspired sound
MOMENT BY MOMENT Wednesday, August 17
Ava Mendoza and Jessica Pavone remain on the front lines of contemporary improvisation
LITERATE Lounge Lizard Thursday, September 29
As Destroyer, Vancouver native Dan Bejar has made a career out of stylistic curveballs, soft-rock left turns and steady intellectualism
Shout it LOUD Thursday, September 29
Firebrand supergroup Prophets of Rage won’t let these crazy times go gently into that good night
Heavy Lies the CROWN Wednesday, October 5
New Orleans metal legends Crowbar move into the future by returning to their past
The DARK Stuff 2 days ago
Punked OUT 2 days ago
21st-Century HONKY Tonk Wednesday, September 14
Zac Brown Band