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Quantum PIONEER Dr. Sam Beckett Wednesday, August 23
Friends and collaborators share memories of a local MC and hip hop impresario
Play it by EAR Wednesday, August 2
Local musician/impresario Jamison Williams brings an all-star cast of experimentalists for improvisational music
MOONWALK with Me Wednesday, August 16
Who's Bad? The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience
Born to be BLUE Wednesday, September 20
In modern blues circles, Selwyn Birchwood is considered a youthful redeemer. As a teenager, the Orlando native received his initial training on the road with Texas-born lap-steel master Sonny Rhodes.
LONG Pond Hop, LONG Time Coming Wednesday, July 26
Bakery Outlet Records brings German post-hardcore band Ten Volt Shock to America 12 years on
The GENUINE Article Wednesday, August 16
Randall Bramblett’s latest release reaffirms his status as the high poet of authenticity, heartache and honky tonk
Though the band’s name is a little on the nose (we get it: y’all are wanderers, like bards of old) the music is anything but typical.
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Two-Faced GOD Wednesday, September 20
Deer Tick bridges the gap between raucous and reserved on new double albums and Twice Is Nice tour
Rock & Roll ELITISM Wednesday, July 26
An education in rock is one that keeps on giving (just look at ol’ Keith Richards–learning more every day). Here on the First Coast, local favorites Ivy League perform a slew of …