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TAPES ’N TAPES Wednesday, June 24
There was a time somewhere between the slow slide of vinyl and the meteoric rise of CDs when the cassette tape ruled. It was the early ’80s, and the only portable, recordable music medium was the tape. And holy crap, we loved it. It was the era of the mixtape, the Walkman and the failed “blank tape” tax. By the ’90s, though, the cassette was dead, replaced by that shining “indestructible” disc many consumers now consider obsolete.
I KEEP A CLOSE WATCH Wednesday, July 8
Local folk-indie seven-piece Fort Stories search for meaning through the music
SLIDE GENERATION Monday, August 17
Seattle surf quartet may be the best of the bunch
MUSIC Wednesday, June 24
VINYL FRONTIERS Wednesday, July 15
Jonathan Grant Berlin may be best known as the frontman for giddy psychedelic indie-pop band SUNBEARS! The group recently appeared with The Flaming Lips on With A Little Help From My Fwends, a …
WAKE THE DEAD Wednesday, August 26
Alice Cooper and some heavyweight friends honor fallen comrades with a new release
HEARING VOICES Wednesday, June 17
Jacksonville songwriter Jenni Reid recently sent a friendly note to Folio Weekly requesting coverage for her upcoming album release show on Friday, June 19 at Jack Rabbits in San Marco. A link to her webpage was made available, so I went there to listen to some of her older tunes and get a preview of the new album, Cynical Romantics. Almost immediately, a conversation began in my mind, one between the asshole music critic and the softer-hearted dad. This is a snapshot of that conversation.
OKIE, MON! Wednesday, June 17
TRANCE ENCOUNTERS Wednesday, June 17
L.A. alt-industrial, dark wave rockers The Dreaming create latest release via long-distance digital
DANCEHALL DAZE Wednesday, June 17