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OUR 5 FAVORITE DIRTY HOLIDAY DITTIES Wednesday, December 10, 2014
The John Waters one is definitely NSFW
The innovative guitarist aims her cutting improv chops at her latest musical combo
NIKKI LANE IS ALL-IN Wednesday, December 10, 2014
‘Country as shit’ and proudly salt of the earth, Lane is riding high on songs about heartbreak, whiskey and scoring strange
Grant Nielsen is a nice guy. I mean, a really nice
 guy. Not the kind of nice guy who lends you his lawnmower, though I'm sure if he had one, he'd be happy to lend it to you. Nielsen spends a huge amount of his personal time promoting the local …
Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist by Steve LowenthalBetween 1959 and 2001, John Fahey released more than 40 albums of acoustic six-string guitar music that touched on …
The indie Texas troubadour performs at Jack Rabbits
First, a painful admission: Though I've lived in Jacksonville for nearly 20 years, and was the A&E editor for this very publication for 15 of those, I rarely paid attention to local pop-punk act Inspection 12. I was never a huge fan of pop punk to …
The Big Easy’s finest ambassador plays the Ritz Theatre Dec. 13
Daniel A. Brown, this esteemed publication’s A&E editor, and I are both recovering musicians, though I’ve kicked the habit a little more completely than he has. We both played in …
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Northeast Florida's most comprehensive guide to the fall arts and entertainement season