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Many artists jump-start a mid-career renaissance by returning to their roots. …
Get immersed in the lush adventures that defined a generation (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman), and were themselves defined by Williams’ sweeping scores and neoromantic …
Conscious and Courageous Wednesday, September 12
Life is clearly good for Jason Isbell.
Catch Him When You Can Wednesday, September 12
With his fourth season as the eighth Musical Director of the Jacksonville Symphony fast approaching, Courtney Lewis is hastily packing for a trip to New York.
Goodbye is a Memory Wednesday, September 5
Last Lynyrd Skynyrd show marks the end of a local era
Jazz Life Wednesday, September 5
Drummer Adkins has been getting a lot of notice lately from his stellar work with Raisin Cake Orchestra to his recent nomination for an Independent Music Award. He’s also working on performing …
All Souls Toward Truth Wednesday, September 5
The incomparable, iconic Lang, who started performing barefoot because she hated the Payless boots she wore in deference to her veganism (so reports the NY Times),
Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ Wednesday, September 5
It's a riff so well-known, some now hear it as a joke.
50 Years A Firebrand Wednesday, September 5
Consider this a correction to the historical record: Wayne Kramer is officially the most interesting man in rock ’n’ roll. …
Christina Sings Out Loud Wednesday, August 29
With an unforgettable voice as huskily hypnotizing as a warm Southern summer evening, Jacksonville native Christina Wagner is a powerful presence in the NE Florida cultural scene.