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History affords us the benefit of looking past an era's ugly indiscretions and focusing on the higher points of a time gone by. The time period is then remembered with fond nostalgia rather than regret, which is a salient point to mention when … more
This Tony Stark suffers from anxiety. He's saved the world a few times now, most recently in "The Avengers" when he flew in and out of a wormhole – but don't mention that word or he might hyperventilate. Granted, living up to Marvel's … more
“It’s a hell of a thing: a boat in a tree.” It sure is, and in “Mud,” a boat in a tree is the catalyst to launch a well-rendered story that is ultimately about … more
Just once, it would be nice to see a movie set in a future where life is peaceful. People are not corrupt and divisive (as in “The Hunger Games”), technology doesn’t determine … more
We’ve seen it time and again: Fools plan “the perfect crime” only to get themselves in more trouble than they can handle. This premise can be funny, but there are only a few … more
Hindsight allows us to look back and see the absurdity of racial segregation in the United States, but perspective is needed. It must be remembered that in post-World War II America, certain … more
Sometimes, for better or worse, certain images leave a mental footprint that can never be unseen. For non-horror movie fans who aren’t used to this type of gruesomeness, here’s … more
Here’s the key to mindless action movies: They need to have just enough story to keep the plot moving. Too little story — or too many plot holes — and the movie fails, regardless of … more
P.J. Hogan, director of “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” returns to the Australian film industry for the first time since his 1994 film “Muriel’s Wedding,” … more
The siege of the White House in “Olympus Has Fallen” is impressive. A large, heavily armed band of Korean terrorists executes a military-level strike on the White House with air … more