How to Post an Event on has updated our events calendar to will improve your experience when searching and posting events.

All events for Folio Weekly printed calendars can be submitted through and The
deadline for printed lists is 4 p.m. Wednesday, 7 days prior to print publication. Because of space constraints, not all events will appear in print.

But your event will appear in our robust new online calendar. Here’s how it works.




First click on + Add an Event link in the top right hand corner. This is the page you will be taken to.




The location should be set to where you are currently, but if you need this to change, simply click on the location and type in where you want it to be.




Once you have the city, type the name of the place where the event will be. Some locations will show up in a dropdown menu. If your location is not one of them. You can add it.




Add the street address, city and zip code. This will save it for the next time you want to pick this place as a location. A phone number is not required, but it is helpful to those searching for your event.




Next, enter the date of the event and the name of the event. If you do not see the name of your event listed, you can add it.




Now you want to add some details to your event like how long it will be, if it is a recurring event, what the cost is, and a brief description so people attending know what to expect.




If you have a flier for the event, photos from a previous event, videos or links that you want to share with the public, we encourage you to add those as well.




Be sure to include your contact information so people who are interested in the event can find out more information about it.




Now check to make sure everything you entered is correct. When you’re satisfied with your entry, click submit event. You will see a preview of your event details. All events are reviewed within one hour.




Ready to add your event? Click here to get started.