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YOU’RE GLAMMIN’ ME Wednesday, May 6
The ’80s brought us epochal entertainment offerings like Suzanne Somers’ paradigm-shattering TV sitcom She’s the Sheriff and the existential ennui of Garfield, no cultural …
PRESSING REPLAY Wednesday, May 6
In last week’s column, I wrote of my love of female indie artists. The list is long, and includes a variety of songwriters and performers, but absent from that list was a female vocalist I …
The celebrated singer/songwriter rides the highs and lows to meld rich country-rock narrative and nuanced folk tradition
MUSICAL CREATURES Wednesday, April 29
Back in the early 1990s, I immersed myself in girlie alternative rock. This was, of course, coupled with an investigation of the grunge movement, as I was in a grunge band myself. One that played on the first “side stage” at the second annual Lollapalooza. That year, 1992, featured Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Ministry, among others. The band I was in, Black Cats & Bottle Rockets, played the side stage with Basehead, Genitorturers and The Jim Rose Sideshow.
WILCO AND THE ROCK OF AGES Wednesday, April 29
Chicago rock juggernaut celebrates its 20th anniversary by continuing to defy expectations
TRIBUTE Wednesday, April 29
The late, great Gamble Rogers (1937-’91) was the de facto troubadour of Florida folk music, spinning many of his songs and stories from the mythical Oklawaha County. Part raconteur, part …
TIGHTLY RAPPED Wednesday, April 29
Earl Sweatshirt is a member of the L.A.-based hip-hop collective Odd Future, a 24-person-strong squad of twentysomething musicians whose nihilistic vibe and shock-tactic-leaning lyrics puts them in …
VITAL ORGAN Wednesday, April 29
Soul jazz legend Dr. Lonnie Smith is a master of pumping out unrivaled grooves on his Hammond B3 organ. Starting in the late-’60s, Smith released a series of albums that established his …
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Northeast Florida's most comprehensive guide to the fall arts and entertainement season