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Hailing simultaneously from deep outer space and backwoods Alabama (good luck getting bars in either), with a sound more reflective of the former, Daikaiju (Japanese for “Giant Monster”) …
Chris Cogan creates installations and experimental non-narrative pieces that invite the audience to “have their own interpretation of the film,” and evoke “altered states of mind as …
The collaboration includes a new album, a limited-edition woodprint and a combination release show
More people showed up for my wedding, and my wedding was tiny
Five-piece band has a tendency to play it too clean, but these guys have chemistry and can dig in with a satisfying groove
The Cincinnati-based four-piece and its 55-year-old burly tattooed frontman are 'good at making a lot of noise'
1995's 'Wrecking Ball' livened up her sound and introduced Harris to a much wider audience hungry for hard-nosed authenticity
Ponte Vedra Beach's Braided Sun shines with we're-in-this-together vibe at Freebird Live
The native son and journeyman musician has spent three-plus decades as solo artist, band member and in-demand sideman for some legendary players
Turns out there's more at work here than just hokey revivalist bullshit
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