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ORGANIC COMPOUND Wednesday, May 13
On slowing down and growing up with Nashville’s Natural Child
LONG LIVE ROCK Wednesday, April 15
Break out those earplugs, Gramps – The Who are coming to town! In the past half-century, The Who have sold 100,000 million albums, played to hundreds of thousands of fans and destroyed quite a …
TAPES ’N TAPES Wednesday, June 24
There was a time somewhere between the slow slide of vinyl and the meteoric rise of CDs when the cassette tape ruled. It was the early ’80s, and the only portable, recordable music medium was the tape. And holy crap, we loved it. It was the era of the mixtape, the Walkman and the failed “blank tape” tax. By the ’90s, though, the cassette was dead, replaced by that shining “indestructible” disc many consumers now consider obsolete.
On evolution, entrepreneurism, exclusivity and self-excoriation with the Los Angeles rapper
AD NAUSEUM 3 days ago
Young musicians have always had a hard time of it, what with the time it takes to learn an instrument, discover a personal style and identity, find like-minded musicians to jam with and possibly start bands, and then enter the workforce. It’s a brutal experience, one not for the faint of heart or weak of will.
Agitprop punk trio Beautiful Bodies inject hardcore activism into an ass shaking sound
TIGHTLY RAPPED Wednesday, April 29
Earl Sweatshirt is a member of the L.A.-based hip-hop collective Odd Future, a 24-person-strong squad of twentysomething musicians whose nihilistic vibe and shock-tactic-leaning lyrics puts them in …
JAZZ HANDS Wednesday, May 13
 Jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan first burst onto the music scene in the early ’80s, when he became an instant trailblazer on the strengths of his two-handed tapping on the …
A longtime Folio Weekly contributor (and even longer time guitarist) bows before the mighty Dick Dale
ROCK BARD Wednesday, April 15
What can we say about Mr. Dylan that hasn’t been said already? Well, let’s try. In the mid-’60s, Bawb is the same genius who made rock lyricism an art form and then released the …