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Tampa BLUES Wednesday, July 5
Tampa-based blues-belter Betty Fox grew up in a musical family and first sang gospel at church when she was only four. In the decades since, Fox has split the difference between hymn “The Old …
HIPPEST Hop Wednesday, July 5
In 2000, Rick Ross threw his hat into the hip-hop game in South Florida. Ross was the first artist ever signed to P. Diddy’s management company. The Grammy Award-nominated Ross worked with the …
Touted as “The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute Show” (in strong competition with the awe-inspiring, 900-bird chorus of “Syd Parrot”), Brit Floyd performs tunes from …
COUNTRY Time Wednesday, July 12
CLOWNING Around Wednesday, July 12
Post-Apocalypse NOW Wednesday, May 31
In the world of metal, Otep Shamaya remains a game-changer. Since 2000, she’s been leading the LA-based band that bears her name. She and the band have survived catchphrases like “nu …
DEAR Friend Wednesday, July 19
Arizona dream-pop group Koleżanka float in on cloud of intimate ambience and ethereal intensity
Hell AWAITS Wednesday, July 19
Billing themselves as “The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience,” ZOSO gets the Led out in a serious way. Since 1995, the band has performed more than 2,400 shows worldwide, winning over …
Making the Old NEW Again Wednesday, June 21
Boogarins mix ’60s psych rock homage with authentic sounds of Brazil, all whipped into a fiery live-show frenzy