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RAP ON THE RISE Wednesday, September 9
THE RAP SURE Wednesday, October 14
CURRENT INCARNATION Wednesday, September 9
As is the case with most of the musicians in this massive yet incredibly small town, I know just about all of the other players in one context or another. I have either performed or recorded with …
PRIVATE PARTS 5 days ago
The recent appearance of John Cleese and Eric Idle in Northeast Florida sent me on a trip down memory lane to two films I hadn’t seen in 25-plus years but which I remembered (somewhat vaguely, …
Mal Jones is 23 years into his mission of enhancing Jacksonville’s hip hop scene, one rhyme at a time
WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP Wednesday, September 16
CONNOR HICKEY keeps on truckin’ with Fjord Explorer
MEGATON THRASH Wednesday, September 16
THE DARK STUFF Wednesday, September 23
Johnny Depp hits a career high mark as the real-life, brutal gangster James “Whitey” Bulger
WHILE YOU WERE ART Wednesday, September 23
Apologies to Mark Williams. Not for the reasons you might expect. We’ll get to the review of the actual material on his new album, Out Past the Moon, in a moment. So if you want to get right …
TALK LIKE A MUSICIAN Thursday, October 1
In a recent online forum conversation, a musician friend insisted that he had “flow.” A fellow player in the forum asked him, “What specifically is flow?” Mr. Flow Man went …