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COVER BANNED Wednesday, April 15
A word of clarification before we begin: I think the One Spark festival is, on the whole, a good thing. It gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to get their ideas in front of large numbers of people (and potential investors), it's a boon for local …
YOUNG MAN BLUES Wednesday, April 15
Selwyn Birchwood injects some much-needed new blood into the blues scene
A few months ago, Drowning Pool guitarist C.J. Pierce got a major surprise as he 
went through some video tapes of the band while searching for material to include on a deluxe reissue of the group's 2001 debut album, Sinner. Within the stack of …
Local faves launch their new record, "Back to Basics"
Daniel A. Brown, this esteemed publication’s A&E editor, and I are both recovering musicians, though I’ve kicked the habit a little more completely than he has. We both played in …
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Northeast Florida's most comprehensive guide to the fall arts and entertainement season
Wherein Folio Weekly plays a one-sided game of cat-and-mouse to track down the guitar great
SUMMER GOODMAN AND THE 904 INDIE Wednesday, February 4
It's a painful admission, but an honest one, 
 and so here it is … I'm a sucker for female singer/songwriters. I love the best of them: Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Joan Armatrading, Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, Regina Spektor, Bjork, Aimee Mann, …
The forward-thinking musician brings his singular style to Northeast Florida
From rowdy country punks to soulful Memphis ambassadors, the band glides over their growing pains