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NERD EXCEL Thursday, October 1
GLOBAL GROOVES Thursday, October 1
Brooklyn Indian-New Orleans party band bring the funk to Hemming Park
ROOT DOWN Thursday, October 1
Folio Weekly goes on the hunt for the legendary master of New Orleans hoodoo funk and laid-back soul
TALK LIKE A MUSICIAN Thursday, October 1
In a recent online forum conversation, a musician friend insisted that he had “flow.” A fellow player in the forum asked him, “What specifically is flow?” Mr. Flow Man went …
KEYED UP Thursday, October 1
COOL, CLEAR, WATER Wednesday, September 23
THE DARK STUFF Wednesday, September 23
Johnny Depp hits a career high mark as the real-life, brutal gangster James “Whitey” Bulger
DANCING IN YOUR HEAD Wednesday, September 23
Empowerment, activism and LGBTQ identity drive the electro-pop sounds of TOMBOI
HOMETOWN HEROES Wednesday, September 23
Indiana folk-rockers Houndmouth rocket to success without sacrificing their small-town roots or restless creativity
WHILE YOU WERE ART Wednesday, September 23
Apologies to Mark Williams. Not for the reasons you might expect. We’ll get to the review of the actual material on his new album, Out Past the Moon, in a moment. So if you want to get right …