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DIGITAL DISOBEDIENCE Wednesday, February 17
Mark Hosler and Negativland still defy and detonate pop culture conventions
HARDCORE FOCUS Wednesday, March 16
Wakefield Poole and the Experimental Edge of Gay Cinema
LET'S GET REAL Wednesday, April 13
The Jacksonville Documentary Film Festival aims its focus squarely on true-to-life cinema
Gay cinema outlaw Bruce LaBruce continues to rebel against the big screen
DEAR DIARY Wednesday, April 27
The movie opens with a young girlstrolling through the park on a lazy afternoon, watching a variety of folks groovin’ and lazin’ on the grass. An animated banner on the screen tells us …
THE ORIGINAL AUTEUR Wednesday, February 24
Coming soon to a theater near us (specifically, Sun-Ray Cinema) is a year-long series of Orson Welles classics which no connoisseur of film, or just plain movie-lover, will want to pass up. Dubbed …
CREATURE FEATURE Wednesday, March 9
The animals run the show in Disney’s latest animated and truly impressive offering
HAIL, NO! Wednesday, February 10
The Coen Bros. tribute to colorful characters of 1950s Hollywood comes off a tad too monochromatic
GOING BRO Wednesday, April 27
Richard Linklater affectionately skewers young dude-hood in Everybody Wants Some!!
A HAUNTING BREW Wednesday, February 17
Roger Eggers’ directorial debut is a potent blend of atmospheric chills and provocative horror