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The CRADLE will Rock Wednesday, June 14
A once-scandalous film by Williams and Kazan retains its darkly comedic spirit
UNHAPPY in their Own Way Wednesday, August 2
Two darkly comedic tales of familial woe
The Rising SON Wednesday, June 28
Legendary actor Toshirô Mifune helped create and define Japanese cinema
Not a TYPICAL Hollywood Tale Wednesday, July 26
Instead, a brisk, immersive war film
Movies for READERS 9 hours ago
Beautiful tragedies from the writers' room
A CANNON Blast! Wednesday, May 31
New documentary profiles Golan-Globus’ hit-or-miss cinematic aesthetic
Moody yet LACKLUSTER 9 hours ago
Wind River almost lives up to its snow-covered promise
Ship AHOY! Wednesday, May 31
Latest in the swashbuckling series redeems the action- fave franchise
Raquel's REVENGE Wednesday, June 7
An off-the-radar Western hits the genre’s bull’s-eye 40 years on
Beer & the BIG SCREEN Wednesday, July 5
Local theaters offer blockbuster brews