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HORROR HAS A NEW NAME Wednesday, May 14
Ben Wheatley is an authentic original whose films transcend the usual definitions of genre
Karen Sadler’s World Arts Film Festival wants to rekindle Jacksonville’s love affair with the movies — and help kids with special needs along the way
THE BEST. REALLY Wednesday, July 2
Subtlety is not the governing characteristic of 'Drop Dead Gorgeous,' but 'Smile' is barbed and poignant
I missed 2013’s multi-Oscar nominee Philomena on the big screen, so I caught it on video, which led to roundhouse curses for having put it off in the first place. A wonderful film, …
Wednesday, July 9
Our intrepid embed braves filmmakers and prima donnas to chronicle the 48 Hour Film Project
Dirt Altar, The Rough & Tumble, Dirt Altar, 'Les Miserables,' Troy Lukkarila and Community First Seawalk Music Festival also on tap
Jenny Lewis' gentle twang, GAAM's gamer geeks, Lil' Boosie's rhymes and some of the best photographers anywhere take center stage
BIGGER THAN A REDBOX Wednesday, May 21
Summer 2014 movies you might actually see in a theater
Arizona-based folk punks Andrew Jackson Jihad find kindred spirits in Jacksonville
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