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Rituals of HORROR Wednesday, April 4
It's understandable that many heavyweights in the film industry view Netflix and Amazon as unwelcome competitors in the awards market, a dubious arena to start with, since it's more a way …
An ASCENDANT Note Wednesday, April 4
The acclaimed film is about gifted singer/songwriter Ronald Troy Collins, homeless and addicted to crack, living on LA's Skid Row. It's a hard but hopeful movie, reminding us that the homeless are …
REBEL Director Wednesday, March 28
At a young 57 years old, Japanese director Takashi Miike already has an astonishing 104 films to his credit, most of them feature-length. Even more surprising is how good most of them are. A man of …
Explore and DISCOVER Wednesday, March 21
As one of the seminal rock/pop music films of the 20th century, Pop is notable because it captures the finale of Jimi Hendrix's set, as he broke his guitar, set it afire, seduced it and threw it to …
Home, HORRIBLE Home Wednesday, March 21
One of the many subgenres of the horror/thriller ilk is the home invasion movie.
Category Five GARBAGE Wednesday, March 14
Canned ham is MORE ENTERTAINING than new Rob Cohen flick
Saddle UP Wednesday, March 14
Now out in HD are two older features ("classics" as far as their age if not their quality) starring two of the most popular actors of all time, paired with screen goddesses.
Triggered LADIES Thursday, March 8
Following on the heels of testosterone-driven John Wick flicks, the ladies have recently taken to flexing their muscles and trigger fingers as well, most notably in Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron …
2018 Predictions Wednesday, February 28
A Season of Milquetoast doesn’t mean there won’t be drama and soapboxing at the Oscars
GRIM Gems Wednesday, February 28
Three films are undergirded with themes of law & order and the Vietnam War