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Getting the CHILLS Friday, October 21
Screen SAVERS Thursday, September 22
This week we check out three Irish actors who deliver the goods in both movies and TV
A Mixed BAG Wednesday, November 16
Third time’s the charm with these idiosyncratic neo-noir and thriller flicks
WOMAN on Top Wednesday, November 23
Celebrate the empowering, intense films of cinematic badass Karyn Kusama
The Weirdness FLOWS Between Us Wednesday, November 9
Slip inside the truly bizarre The Happiness of the Katakuris
Emotional RESCUE Wednesday, November 9
The latest from director Jeff Nichols’ is the sweet & subdued story of a 1950’s interracial couple
Heroes & VILLAINS Thursday, September 29
This week, we look at the good and bad of Nazi cinema
Fairly BIG Stars Wednesday, October 5
Going DUTCH Wednesday, October 5
We celebrate director Paul Verhoeven’s mercurial talents
HARDLY a Knockout Wednesday, November 23
True-life boxing flick goes down in the final round