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THE WEST IS THE BEST Wednesday, June 24
She was only 27 years old when she was killed in a car accident with her husband in the California desert. He was an unsuccessful novelist at the time but had recently begun making good money as a scriptwriter of B-movies. They’d been married only nine months.
Let’s hope this supernaturally bad installment of the horror series will be the last
ALWAYS IN STYLE Wednesday, June 10
Albert Maysles’ final film is a fascinating look at a truly colorful, nonagenarian fashion icon
Babbling adults stay up all night yakking about nothing in this indie comedy pabulum
SMALL WONDER Wednesday, July 22
Ant-Man rediscovers some of the playfulness of super-hero adventure
The recent release on Blu-ray of Billy Wilder’s 1965 Kiss Me, Stupid (a rare flop for the director) got me thinking about the Motion Picture Production Code and the Legion of Decency, both of …
CLOSE UP THE HONKY TONKS Wednesday, August 12
The recently unearthed Leon Russell documentary is long overdue yet sadly underwhelming
ALL MY LIFE Wednesday, July 29
Shirley Clarke’s documentary is a unique cinematic portrait of a 20th-century jazz master
SPIES LIKE US Wednesday, August 19
Big-screen update of a ’60s TV show is a fun, albeit rote, espionage thriller
BADLY HUNG Wednesday, July 22
The Gallows is the latest (we hope last) found-footage horror dreck