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In the 2015 French thriller Road Games, a hitchhiker is in a cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer. Before I even had any idea of the story, I was immediately intrigued by the title—it …
There's no room for Patricia Dombrowski in the rap world. She’s an overweight white girl from New Jersey who’s laughed at and rejected whenever she dares to ask for a chance.
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Two darkly comedic tales of familial woe
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Instead, a brisk, immersive war film
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Beautiful tragedies from the writers' room
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Wind River almost lives up to its snow-covered promise
Audiences have always enjoyed the vicarious thrill of disaster films—the bigger, sometimes the better. In 1928, Hollywood flushed out the first version of Noah’s Ark, followed in ’33 with Deluge (just out on Blu-ray) in which a tidal wave engulfs the Big Apple.
The summer movie season is officially behind us (thank heavens), so it’s time to get excited for the Oscar bait that arrives every autumn. Remember, release dates are subject to …
Along with Guy Ritchie and Neil Marshall, one of the most original, exciting English filmmakers of the past 15-plus years has to be Ben Wheatley. All three started with action-thrillers of one kind …