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An impressive performance by Jack Black keeps this dark comedic take on the buddy movie on track
CATHOLIC BLOCK Wednesday, May 13
The 1970s were a great decade at the movies for demonic kids and tortured Catholic priests. Setting the bar, The Exorcist opened in 1973; four years on, the bar was lowered considerably with the …
HAMMER TIME 2 days ago
A reviewer in the Village Voice once wrote about Mickey Spillane, author of the Mike Hammer novels, that “Spillane is like eating takeout fried chicken: so much fun to consume, but you can feel those lowlife grease-induced zits rising before you’ve finished the first drumstick.” I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but love him or hate him (it’s usually either/or for fans and critics), Mickey Spillane definitely made his mark.
Latest sci-fi Hollywood offering to blast down the pike is a bafflingly bad movie
DRONE ATTACK 2 days ago
An impressive performance by Ethan Hawke keeps this shaky 21st-century war story on target
Sometimes there's more drama on the streets of Hollywood than on the screen
Comic book blockbuster sequel toys with our ideas of good and bad guys
Kristen Stewart shines in this intriguing drama
THE LEADING MAN Wednesday, April 29
Robert Mitchum’s biography was subtitled “Baby, I Don’t Care,” a line from Out of the Past (1946), a film noir classic and one of his own best as well. He served on a chain gang in his teens, spent time in WWII as a medic checking GIs for venereal disease (a “pecker checker” he called himself) and got busted for marijuana in the ’40s. He made a number of unforgettable movies and some less than memorable. Critic Roger Ebert called him one of the greatest American actors ever, but Mitchum often denigrated both himself and his profession, once saying that “I’ve survived because I work cheap and don’t take up too much time.”
Growing up in Dallas in the mid-'50s, 
I remember when Brigitte Bardot came to town (on the big screen, at least) at the Esquire Theater in Roger Vadim's …And God Created Woman. I never got to see the movie, though, since the Bishop of Dallas, …