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Stylish Execution 5 days ago
For those who enjoy horror films executed with style and originality, I'll discuss three fairly recent efforts you may have missed.
More Brain Than Beauty Wednesday, June 6
In the entertainment business, it seems that good looks, especially a woman's, can be a double-edged sword. …
Funny > Beauty Wednesday, May 30
In the early 1950s, Tennessee Williams, who had a love/hate affair with the movies, said "Marion Davies makes up for the rest of Hollywood."
Between the Blue & the Red Wednesday, May 16
3-D films never truly had a lasting legacy
No Bloody F*cking Chance Wednesday, May 9
Hemingway-sourced films offer glimpse into Papa's heart of darkness
Quiet and Overlooked Wednesday, May 2
The documentary Gen Silent, about six LGBT elders and the challenges they face as they age, is produced by award-winning filmmaker Stu Maddox. It puts a face to what experts in the film call an …
Ladies Love IGUANAS Tuesday, May 1
A look at Tennessee Williams’ last hit
Rituals of HORROR Wednesday, April 4
It's understandable that many heavyweights in the film industry view Netflix and Amazon as unwelcome competitors in the awards market, a dubious arena to start with, since it's more a way …
An ASCENDANT Note Wednesday, April 4
The acclaimed film is about gifted singer/songwriter Ronald Troy Collins, homeless and addicted to crack, living on LA's Skid Row. It's a hard but hopeful movie, reminding us that the homeless are …
REBEL Director Wednesday, March 28
At a young 57 years old, Japanese director Takashi Miike already has an astonishing 104 films to his credit, most of them feature-length. Even more surprising is how good most of them are. A man of …