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The CRADLE will Rock Wednesday, June 14
A once-scandalous film by Williams and Kazan retains its darkly comedic spirit
Celluloid COLOSSUS Wednesday, March 29
The theater is weirdly quiet. It’s noon on a Friday, a few hours away from the day’s matinees featured in either of Sun-Ray Cinema’s theater rooms. In the lobby, the theater’s …
Law & Order: COWBOY Division Wednesday, April 5
There are those who eagerly await the DVD release of the latest movie they just saw on the big screen a few months or maybe even weeks earlier, there are others who are just as anxious to discover …
90 is the NEW 60 Wednesday, April 5
Happy Birthday to The Florida Theatre, celebrating the big 9-0 this year! On April, 8, 1927, the theater opened on Forsyth Street—since then, it’s witnessed everything from classic films …
A CANNON Blast! Wednesday, May 31
New documentary profiles Golan-Globus’ hit-or-miss cinematic aesthetic
Ship AHOY! Wednesday, May 31
Latest in the swashbuckling series redeems the action- fave franchise
Raquel's REVENGE Wednesday, June 7
An off-the-radar Western hits the genre’s bull’s-eye 40 years on
True-life story of a Marine and her canine sidekick gives animal lovers’ sure-fire drama
Chanson de L’AMOUR Wednesday, May 24
Since La La Land was one of my very favorite films of last year, I was understandably thrilled at the recent release on Blu-ray and DVD of Jacques Demy’s 1967 song-and-dance classic, …
After more than 30 years spent redefining the limits of loud, melodic alternative rock, there isn’t a lot left to say about Dinosaur Jr. Frontman J. Mascis’ earworm six-string explosions …