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STREET HASSLE Wednesday, August 5
The comedic saga of a Los Angeles prostitute’s vindictive hunt sadly runs out of tricks
CZECH MASTERPIECES Wednesday, August 5
Just released in a stunning Blu-ray edition by Criterion Collection (the premier distributor of art, foreign, and indie films for home viewing), Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) is one of those …
OUT OF TUNE Wednesday, August 5
Even Meryl Streep can’t save this off-key tale that could’ve been a surefire hit
WHAT IS THE LAW? Wednesday, July 29
Anticipating the imminent release on DVD of the documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau, I prepared by re-watching the three major film versions of …
ALL MY LIFE Wednesday, July 29
Shirley Clarke’s documentary is a unique cinematic portrait of a 20th-century jazz master
HIGH SCORE Wednesday, July 29
This silly-but-fun sci-fi comedy appeals to video gamers of all ages
SMALL WONDER Wednesday, July 22
Ant-Man rediscovers some of the playfulness of super-hero adventure
BADLY HUNG Wednesday, July 22
The Gallows is the latest (we hope last) found-footage horror dreck
The recent release on Blu-ray of Billy Wilder’s 1965 Kiss Me, Stupid (a rare flop for the director) got me thinking about the Motion Picture Production Code and the Legion of Decency, both of …
MOOD ENHANCEMENT Wednesday, July 15
Mark Ruffalo hits a career high in his portrayal of a husband and dad living with bipolar disorder