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Not to be confused with disaster flicks like San Andreas, Armageddon, or 2012, the Australian doomsday film These Final Hours (2013) offers no hope of survival for anyone. It’s the end of …
MELLOW YELLOW Wednesday, July 8
The adorably servile creatures from the Despicable Me movies would’ve been better served by a better story
Babbling adults stay up all night yakking about nothing in this indie comedy pabulum
CONTINUING WEST Wednesday, July 1
WHEN THEY DIED IN A 1940 CAR CRASH, Eileen McKenney was far better known (by name, at least) than her novelist husband Nathanael West. Made famous in her older sister Ruth McKenney’s 1938 memoir My Sister Eileen, she inspired at least two books, two movies, a Broadway musical, and a TV series. They were all light-hearted and comic.
ME PROBLEM Wednesday, June 24
How to read the emotional emergence from narcissism in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
THE WEST IS THE BEST Wednesday, June 24
She was only 27 years old when she was killed in a car accident with her husband in the California desert. He was an unsuccessful novelist at the time but had recently begun making good money as a scriptwriter of B-movies. They’d been married only nine months.
It’s all about anniversaries at The Florida Theatre
OCD AND LSD IN THE USA Wednesday, June 10
Don’t worry, baby, Brian Wilson biopic covers bad trips and good vibrations of the legendary musician’s life
VENICE THE MENACE Wednesday, June 10
For those of you contemplating a summer vacation abroad to the canals, restaurants, and sights of beautiful Venice, let me recommend two terrific films set in the Italian landmark that you’ll …
ALWAYS IN STYLE Wednesday, June 10
Albert Maysles’ final film is a fascinating look at a truly colorful, nonagenarian fashion icon