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A WAR FOR THE AGES Wednesday, March 30
Like The Time Machine, H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds (1897) has spawned two major feature films and one bomb. In 2005, three years after the author’s great-grandson missed the mark …
SO-SO SCI-FI Wednesday, March 23
The new installment of the popular Divergent series is grounded by a humdrum script
TIME HAS COME TODAY Wednesday, March 23
What’s not to like about time travel? Before the concept hit filmmaking, it was already a popular fictional trope in 19th-century writers as dissimilar as Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol), …
HARDCORE FOCUS Wednesday, March 16
Wakefield Poole and the Experimental Edge of Gay Cinema
Gay cinema outlaw Bruce LaBruce continues to rebel against the big screen
TOTALLY GOTH Wednesday, March 16
A quick, undiscriminating count I made resulted in the discovery that many more than 65 feature films with “Frankenstein” in the title. And that’s not including the many movies like …
CREATURE FEATURE Wednesday, March 9
The animals run the show in Disney’s latest animated and truly impressive offering
SINISTER ROOTS Wednesday, March 9
In the early ’70s, director William Friedkin was about as hot as they come, mostly on the basis of the overwhelming success of The French Connection and The Exorcist, even winning the Oscar for …
MISSION COMPLETE Wednesday, March 2
Tina Fey shines in a true-life tale of a news journalist working in Kabul