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REMEMBER THE ALAMO! Wednesday, June 1
Return to the golden age of coonskin caps
WEIRD SCIENCE Wednesday, May 25
Ivan Tors created some truly “Out of this World” ’50s flicks
ARCANE AUTEUR Wednesday, May 18
Curtis Harrington left behind a legacy of B-Movie brilliance that remains an apex of inventive, low budget film ethos
EPIC DUEL Wednesday, May 11
The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe offering pits hero against hero for a rollicking, filmic ride
PENTHOUSE & PAVEMENT Wednesday, May 11
In most ways, the music of Phil Ochs and The Who could not be more dissimilar, though both flourished at their peak in the ’60s and early ’70s. Yet the music of each was all about …
HARDCORE VALUES Wednesday, May 4
Green Room packs a tense thriller with characters facing a truly edgy reality
At nearly 36 years old, writer/director Terry Zwigoff made his first film, the well-received but barely seen documentary Louie Bluie (1985). It was nine years before his next film – another …
Latest installment of the Snow White franchise is a fairly fair action fairy tale
DEAR DIARY Wednesday, April 27
The movie opens with a young girlstrolling through the park on a lazy afternoon, watching a variety of folks groovin’ and lazin’ on the grass. An animated banner on the screen tells us …
GOING BRO Wednesday, April 27
Richard Linklater affectionately skewers young dude-hood in Everybody Wants Some!!