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On LOCATION Wednesday, February 21
Nearly a century after Richard Norman (a white man) blazed a trail making black silent films, Norman Studios is ready for its close-up
(A Different Sort) of FAITH Wednesday, February 21
Two movies conjure horrifying matters
Tall, Proud and BLACK Wednesday, February 21
Black Panther is a marvelous new entry into the Marvel-verse
Passion, Propaganda & a PAINTER Wednesday, February 14
An overlooked Dunkirk film gets its just review
MONUMENTS Man Wednesday, February 7
Fugutive HEARTS Wednesday, February 7
Everyone has a sad ending when Tennessee Williams tells tales
BUNNY Tales Wednesday, February 7
Predictable is as predictable does in this bad bunnies tale
Housebound, INDEED Wednesday, January 31
A scary, funny, clever film imagines what happens when you move back to Mom's
WALK this Way Wednesday, January 24
Pilgrimage tackles faith and fury
Memories with the Weight of WATER Wednesday, January 24
William Bell reflects on career highs and personal lows