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DRONE ATTACK Wednesday, May 27
An impressive performance by Ethan Hawke keeps this shaky 21st-century war story on target
HAMMER TIME Wednesday, May 27
A reviewer in the Village Voice once wrote about Mickey Spillane, author of the Mike Hammer novels, that “Spillane is like eating takeout fried chicken: so much fun to consume, but you can feel those lowlife grease-induced zits rising before you’ve finished the first drumstick.” I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but love him or hate him (it’s usually either/or for fans and critics), Mickey Spillane definitely made his mark.
FUTURE SCHLOCK Wednesday, May 27
Latest sci-fi Hollywood offering to blast down the pike is a bafflingly bad movie
If you liked the first one, you’ll like this snark-and-song-rich sequel
Sometimes there's more drama on the streets of Hollywood than on the screen
There’s zilch under the hood plot-wise, but the latest Mad Max tears up the pavement with high-octane action
COPPING OUT Wednesday, May 13
It has some laughs, but buddy chick-flick drips with sexist exploitation
CATHOLIC BLOCK Wednesday, May 13
The 1970s were a great decade at the movies for demonic kids and tortured Catholic priests. Setting the bar, The Exorcist opened in 1973; four years on, the bar was lowered considerably with the …
HIGHBROW HORROR Wednesday, May 6
True or not, it makes for a great anecdote. Seeking money to make his first (and only) English-language film, Polish director Andrzej Zulawski supposedly pitched the project to Paramount head Charles Bluhdorn as “a film about a woman who fucks an octopus.”
An impressive performance by Jack Black keeps this dark comedic take on the buddy movie on track