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DOUBLE TROUBLE Wednesday, November 18
Two adaptations of Ernest Hemingway's 1927 short story, The Killers, available on one disc from Criterion Collection, are rare examples of how movies can expand or radically alter their literary …
SYNCED CONTACTS Wednesday, September 9
Noah Baumbach’s latest is an enjoyable take on a buddy picture for millennials
LOVE ALWAYS WINS Wednesday, October 14
Julianne Moore and Ellen Page star in this well-told true story of the fight for LGBTQ rights
REEL RIVALRY Wednesday, September 9
New documentary chronicles the combative late-’60s debates between two of the great 20th-century pundits
A RAND OLD TIME Wednesday, September 9
I read Ayn Rand’s massive novel Atlas Shrugged during my second year in college and thought I would never get through John Galt’s 100-page-plus speech near the end. So I had (and have) …
OLD FOLKS AT HOME (WITH MADNESS!) Wednesday, September 16
M. Night Shyamalan returns to form with this creepy tale of a getaway to Grandma and Grandpa’s
Film critics contemplate the lessons of the CINEMATIC SUMMER
MAESTRO OF THE MACABRE Wednesday, September 23
Planet of the Vampires (1965) was recently released on Blu-ray, which it sent me on a nostalgia trip of sorts back to the movies of the Swinging (and Silly) ’60s – as seen through …
BLACK DIAMONDS Thursday, October 1
Though Italian filmmaker Mario Bava actually contributed to the direction of a handful of movies in the 1950s (including the Kirk Douglas version of Ulysses), his first such credited effort was in …
BONGFINGER Wednesday, September 2
An odd narrative makes this stoner-spy film hybrid a weak buzz