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CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON Wednesday, February 17
The decade of the 1950s was the Golden Age of Westerns, on both the big screen and television. Three lesser-known films of the period typify the originality, range, and intelligence of the genre, …
SO-SO SCI-FI Wednesday, March 23
The new installment of the popular Divergent series is grounded by a humdrum script
FEMME FATALES Wednesday, April 13
It’s a shame that a quality film like The Keeping Room gets only limited release in a few select theaters and then disappears without attracting the audience it deserves. Hopefully it will find …
SINISTER ROOTS Wednesday, March 9
In the early ’70s, director William Friedkin was about as hot as they come, mostly on the basis of the overwhelming success of The French Connection and The Exorcist, even winning the Oscar for …
Rita Hayworth embodied the grace, artistry, and possibility of Early Hollywood
HOT ROD Wednesday, February 10
During the annual list of celebrity obituaries that pervaded various media outlets at year’s end, I was particularly saddened to read of the death of Australian Rod Taylor, at the ripe old age …
TOTALLY GOTH Wednesday, March 16
A quick, undiscriminating count I made resulted in the discovery that many more than 65 feature films with “Frankenstein” in the title. And that’s not including the many movies like …
TIME HAS COME TODAY Wednesday, March 23
What’s not to like about time travel? Before the concept hit filmmaking, it was already a popular fictional trope in 19th-century writers as dissimilar as Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol), …
Is it worth $10? Oposdípote nai!
GOING FOR THE GOLD Wednesday, February 24
Folio Weekly Magazine presents our 2016 Oscar Predictions