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"BIRDMAN" IS A HIGH FLYING FLICK Wednesday, November 12
Michael Keaton soars to great heights in comeback film
REEL TRUTH Wednesday, October 29
Diehard cineastes, casual movie buffs, lovers of nonfiction-geared film or people who just like to sit in a darkened theater can check out a weekend of noteworthy documentaries at the Fernandina …
Brad Pitt stars in this worthy, thought-provoking WWII cinematic offering
The Mexican holiday comes to life in this inventive animated film from writer-director Jorge R. Guiterrez
These two European releases will surely appeal to those looking for some weirder holiday viewing
I’ve always loved science fiction. Among the earliest novels I remember reading were Andre Norton’s Star Man’s Son (reprinted as Daybreak 2250 A.D.) and The Stars Are Ours! …
For his sophomore effort 10 years ago, writer/director Jonathan Glazer struck more controversy than pay dirt with Birth, an odd but fascinating film about a woman (Nicole Kidman) who comes to believe …
COLOR OF REVENGE Wednesday, October 8
The indie movie "Blue Ruin" is creative suspense thriller
ELVIS IN PICTURES Wednesday, September 24
I’ve had Elvis on the brain lately. And no, it’s not because I’ve spotted him in disguise at the mall or the grocery store. He’s been absent even in the tabloids, currently rife with the …
ZOMBIES ARE THE LIVING END! Wednesday, October 22
The Undead are always in season
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