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The summer movie season is officially behind us (thank heavens), so it’s time to get excited for the Oscar bait that arrives every autumn. Remember, release dates are subject to …
Along with Guy Ritchie and Neil Marshall, one of the most original, exciting English filmmakers of the past 15-plus years has to be Ben Wheatley. All three started with action-thrillers of one kind …
It Takes a GREAT Nation Wednesday, July 12
A trio of patriotic 1940s flicks highlights the Greatest Generation’s hopes and ideals
Too Much MONKEY Business Wednesday, July 12
Blockbuster franchise’s latest just apes an enjoyable sci-fi film
What did it feel like in National Guard-occupied Ferguson, Missouri?
Love's Labor FOUND Wednesday, August 9
Tennessee Williams' messy-beautiful tales
REEL Frights Wednesday, July 12
MURDEROUS Intent Wednesday, July 19
Christopher Smith’s Detour is a savvy neo-noir flick driven by an inventive plot and camera work
In the digital age, it’s a bit unusual (and refreshing) to see a throwback horror movie that relies more on latex, goo, prosthetics and mechanics for its special effects instead of more costly, …
Baddest Hollywood BADASS Wednesday, July 26
With the possible exception of Errol Flynn, he was probably the most badass of Hollywood’s great badasses. At least that was his reputation. Unlike Flynn, who died at 50, washed up and wasted, …