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COLOR OF REVENGE Wednesday, October 8
The indie movie "Blue Ruin" is creative suspense thriller
ELVIS IN PICTURES Wednesday, September 24
I’ve had Elvis on the brain lately. And no, it’s not because I’ve spotted him in disguise at the mall or the grocery store. He’s been absent even in the tabloids, currently rife with the …
Liam Neeson's latest trips and falls into mediocrity
THE GAME IS AFOOT Wednesday, September 10
Revisiting a Sherlock Holmes masterpiece
This is how many young girls fantasize about relationships beginning
A university colleague complained to me last year about her frustration when trying to show a movie to her humanities class. The film was The Swimmer, a 1968 feature based on a famous short story by …
We’ve got good news. Not only is that gum you like going to come back in style, now you can indulge in 25 1/2 hours (straight through) of doughnut-and-cherry-pie-fueled fanatic binge-watching …
NAZIS, ART AND FILM Wednesday, August 20
Real and fictional battles over priceless artwork
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