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In the digital age, it’s a bit unusual (and refreshing) to see a throwback horror movie that relies more on latex, goo, prosthetics and mechanics for its special effects instead of more costly, …
Other Bodies, Other EARTHS Yesterday at 10:30 AM
Two films explore the idea of multiple iterations of reality
Xmas CRIME Yesterday at 10:28 AM
The man who invented Christmas did not
They Came From BEYOND Wednesday, September 20
Odds are, anyone reading this column may be unfamiliar with Edward L. Cahn, a prolific filmmaker whose career spanned more than 40 years, from 1917 until his death at age 64 in 1963, his last movie …
Sweet SISTERS Wednesday, November 8
Tales of the Brontë Family
This CRAZY Life Wednesday, September 27
It’s safe to say Paul Verhoeven and François Ozon are among the best European filmmakers today.
THE Director Wednesday, October 11
OCD genius Howard Hughes left his mark on Hollywood
The End of the World as We KNOW IT Wednesday, October 18
After Dark Horrorfest was an annual U.S. festival that ran from 2006-2015, featuring original films that were subsequently released to home video.