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WHAT IS THE LAW? Wednesday, July 29
Anticipating the imminent release on DVD of the documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau, I prepared by re-watching the three major film versions of …
ALL MY LIFE Wednesday, July 29
Shirley Clarke’s documentary is a unique cinematic portrait of a 20th-century jazz master
HIGH SCORE Wednesday, July 29
This silly-but-fun sci-fi comedy appeals to video gamers of all ages
SMALL WONDER Wednesday, July 22
Ant-Man rediscovers some of the playfulness of super-hero adventure
BADLY HUNG Wednesday, July 22
The Gallows is the latest (we hope last) found-footage horror dreck
The recent release on Blu-ray of Billy Wilder’s 1965 Kiss Me, Stupid (a rare flop for the director) got me thinking about the Motion Picture Production Code and the Legion of Decency, both of …
MOOD ENHANCEMENT Wednesday, July 15
Mark Ruffalo hits a career high in his portrayal of a husband and dad living with bipolar disorder
OFF THE BEATEN TRAIL Wednesday, July 15
American movies and Westerns practically grew up together. In fact, the first American narrative movie was Edwin S. Porter’s The Great Train Robbery, and Western films were among the most …
Comedian Amy Schumer’s big screen debut is a bumpy ride with far too few funny stops along the way
An interesting plot for the sci-fi franchise’s latest is bogged down by blah action scenes