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BLIND AMBITION Wednesday, November 25
An able ensemble cast can’t save this thriller from the crime of obviousness
DOUBLE TROUBLE Wednesday, November 18
Two adaptations of Ernest Hemingway's 1927 short story, The Killers, available on one disc from Criterion Collection, are rare examples of how movies can expand or radically alter their literary …
FULL DISCLOSURE Wednesday, November 18
True tale of Boston journalists uncovering a Catholic Church child sex scandal is a cinematic powerhouse
But the popular YA/SF franchise’s final round has dystopian delights for all
THE CONSTANT GARDNER Wednesday, November 11
Having just finished Lee Server’s biography Ava Gardner, subtitled Love Is Nothing, I went in search of a film I’d never heard about until I read the book. Not too surprising, since …
GOOD OLD CHARLIE BROWN Wednesday, November 11
The Peanuts Movie celebrates the original spirit of its creator
QUIET RIOT Wednesday, November 11
Sadly, the new period drama is a weak presentation of the feminist movement’s crucial earliest days
BIG SCORE Wednesday, November 4
Hollywood Epics
OLDFINGER Wednesday, November 4
Latest Bond offering is a disappointingly predictable mission into drudgery
NORSE CODE Wednesday, November 4
Growing up in Texas back in the ’50s and ’60s, I associated Scandinavian films primarily with Ingmar Bergman. His movies were “art” films, mostly disdained among the …