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EERIE URBANE Yesterday at 10:50 AM
Before we begin, an ironic note — I’m one of those people who never reads movie reviews until after they see the movies. Sometimes I’ll check out my favorite reviewers to see if …
BONGFINGER Yesterday at 10:44 AM
An odd narrative makes this stoner-spy film hybrid a weak buzz
HELLUVA FILM Wednesday, August 26
FRESH FRONTIERS Wednesday, August 26
Except for oldsters like Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, and Robert Duvall, it seems that no Hollywood filmmaker today gives a flip about making Westerns anymore. Then again, I …
WRITE AND WRONG Wednesday, August 26
David Foster Wallace, The End of the Tour, and the perils of biographical drama
EXPLICIT CONTENT Wednesday, August 19
This winning N.W.A. biopic brings the story of ’80s rap legends to life
THE STANLEY PARABLE Wednesday, August 19
The title of the new documentary about the project that sidelined South African filmmaker Richard Stanley’s movie career 20 years ago might well describe him as well as the film he almost (but …
SPIES LIKE US Wednesday, August 19
Big-screen update of a ’60s TV show is a fun, albeit rote, espionage thriller
SUPER ZEROES Wednesday, August 12
Needless update of Marvel Comics characters is heroically bad
SOMBER SENDOFFS Wednesday, August 12
Fascination with the apocalypse continues in the movies, the only variable being what form the final doom might take. Here are two very different versions you may have missed. In 2011’s …