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TOTAL MAYHEM 5 days ago
Under-the-radar film offers a dose of delightful chaos
We take a second look at low-key yet highly enjoyable disaster flicks
PITCH IMPERFECT Wednesday, August 17
Stephen Frears’ latest is a hilarious, heartfelt tribute to one of the 20th century’s worst singers
BIFF BANG POW! Wednesday, August 10
Latest DC Comics Universe offering satisfies a hankerin’ for heroes and villains
SHUT UP 'N' WATCH THIS Wednesday, August 10
Are you hardcore? That is the question Frank Zappa asked in his 1981 ad for his Shut Up ’n Play Yer Guitar box set. The implication being, if you weren’t a hardcore fan, you probably …
WASTED TALENTS Wednesday, August 10
New documentary pays tribute to the brilliant countercultural comedy of National Lampoon
ESOTERIC VISIONS Wednesday, August 3
Tragic filmmaker Donald Cammell left behind a legacy of truly idiosyncratic cinema
ROGUE WAVE Wednesday, August 3
Latest globetrotting installment of popular action franchise shoots to thrill
ULTIMATE BFFs Wednesday, August 3
Stand By Me
DARKNESS, DARKNESS Wednesday, July 27
Latest indie horror offering is an inventive take on what lurks in the shadows