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HAIL, NO! 4 days ago
The Coen Bros. tribute to colorful characters of 1950s Hollywood comes off a tad too monochromatic
HOT ROD 4 days ago
During the annual list of celebrity obituaries that pervaded various media outlets at year’s end, I was particularly saddened to read of the death of Australian Rod Taylor, at the ripe old age …
NO TIME TO LOSE Wednesday, February 3
This true-life thriller of a 1950s rescue mission is a success
SATANIC CELLULOID Wednesday, February 3
In The Boy, the latest horror film to take up space at the local cineplexes, Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead, tries to survive babysitting what seems to be a possessed doll. But is the doll …
REEL FUN Wednesday, January 27
GET YOUR KICKS Wednesday, January 27
The latest installment of the animated series will deliver the goods to its pre-teen fans
ACADEMY IN PERIL Wednesday, January 27
When it comes to movies about the strange goings-on at schools for girls, the Citizen Kane of the bunch is undoubtedly Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975). Australian director Peter Weir’s film …
MASTER OF PUPPETS Wednesday, January 20
Charlie Kaufman’s latest searches for humanity through stop-motion figurines
BEST WESTERN Wednesday, January 20
One of the most remarkable things ABOUT The Hateful Eight – in addition to Robert Richardson’s cinematography and Ennio Morricone’s music (both deservedly Oscar-nominated) – …
Kirkman and Romero were schooled on an entire generation of previous tales of the undead