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Earl Sweatshirt is all 
grown up, back from Samoa 
and dropping the fiercest 
verses in hip-hop. Govern yourselves accordingly.
BROKEN PROMISES Wednesday, April 30
As the city of Jacksonville talks (again) about revitalizing Downtown, let's remember 
what could have (and should have) been – and those left behind
Seattle sextet The Head and the Heart resonates on an 
emotional level (even if it's been done before)
"OOOOOH! AAAHH! EH?" Wednesday, April 30
The Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission in March reprimanded three pornography broadcast stations — not for excessively erotic fare, but for violating Canada's protectionist, patriotic rules requiring that at least 35 percent …
DRUNK LOGIC Wednesday, April 30
Wendy Simpson, 25, explaining her DUI arrest during a March incident in Huddersfield, England, pointed out she'd just minutes earlier walked to a McDonald's for a late-night meal because she knew she was too inebriated to drive. However, the dining …
BUT, OSSIFFER … Wednesday, April 30
Efren Carrillo, a member of California's Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, was charged with misdemeanor "peeking" last year in Santa Rosa after he, returning home from a club late at night, saw his female neighbor's light on and decided to drop in …
TOO SEXY FOR HIS CELL Wednesday, April 30
Among the arguments offered in March by Darrious Mathis' lawyers for his jury trial in Cobb County, Georgia, (for assault, kidnapping and carjacking) was the assertion that Mathis needed no force in order to have sex with the female victim on the …
PULL THE RING Wednesday, April 30
England's Stockport magistrates' court levied a $13,000 fine in March against Lorraine White, 41, who runs a part-time service as a dominatrix (chaining and whipping "bad" men) in a "sex dungeon." Her business is apparently legal; the citation was …
SOUNDS LIKE A JOKE Wednesday, April 30
The Food and Drug Administration has had run-ins with "homeopathic" products that subtly market themselves as health remedies without ever having sought the required FDA approval. However, in March, a different problem arose, requiring the agency to …
TOO SEXY FOR THE PLANET Wednesday, April 30
Tiffany Austin called a KTVU reporter in March after being dismissed as a member of Planet Fitness Gym in Richmond, California, after only one 15-minute workout — because she was "too fit" and made other members uncomfortable. Planet Fitness …
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