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Close But No Cigar Wednesday, January 29
NOTW informed readers in November that the Snuggle House was about to open in Madison, Wis., promising clients pajama-clad bedmates — as long as no sex (or foreplay, even) took place. In fact, Snuggle House has yet to open (in part because Madison …
No Shit Wednesday, January 29
Among planet Earth's most bizarre local customs is the Christmas tradition in Spain's Catalonia region, of decorating Nativity scenes with figurines of famous people squatting and answering nature's calls. NOTW has noted that presidents (Bush, …
Elves on the Move Wednesday, January 29
To build an iron ore smelting plant in Iceland in 2009, Alcoa Inc. was forced to kowtow to the country's national obsession that elves ("hidden people") live underground and that construction projects must assure the little fellas have had a chance …
Last time anyone outside of St. Augustine paid attention to The Record, which is, like the T-U, owned by Morris Communications, the world was laughing at the daily for running a piece they'd titled "NYT Reporter: No Regrets About Writing Story." The …
And That's 
the Truth! Wednesday, January 29
American comedic doyenne celebrates love, comedy and classic characters 
at Florida Theatre
Unfiltered Wednesday, January 29
Local photographer Arpad Lovas chronicles life on Jacksonville’s streets
Jan. 29-Feb. 4 Arts Calendar Tuesday, January 28
What's coming up at Northeast Florida galleries, museums, theaters and more
What's coming up at Northeast Florida clubs, bars and concert venues
How Fred Durst’s mom became the Weight Watchers queen of Jacksonville
The Pinnacle of Endurance Wednesday, January 22
There are people who run 100 miles at a time, on purpose
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