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The distribution and production of Charlotte's Web will be choke-held by Tallahassee, with prescribing doctors and producers subject to stringent regulation
Jennifer Boston and her successful journey as a hot dog vendor
Turns out there's more at work here than just hokey revivalist bullshit
Florida received grades C through F in four main categories on the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 2009 survey
LEO: July 16-21 Tuesday, July 15
  “We must learn to bear the pleasures as we have borne the pains,” says writer Nikki Giovanni. That’s apt advice to keep in mind during the months ahead. You may think …
Subtlety is not the governing characteristic of 'Drop Dead Gorgeous,' but 'Smile' is barbed and poignant
PISCES: July 16-21 Tuesday, July 15
  In the simplest, calmest of times, there are two sides to every story. Sometimes, though, the bare minimum is three or more. Like now. That can generate quite a ruckus. Even folks who are …
AQUARIUS: July 16-21 Tuesday, July 15
  Starting in 1798, European cartographers who drew maps of West Africa included the Mountains of Kong, a range of peaks extending more than 1,000 miles east and west. It was 90 years before …
CAPRICORN: July 16-21 Tuesday, July 15
  Architects in ancient Rome used concrete to create many durable structures, some of which are still standing. But the method of how to make concrete was forgotten for more than 1,000 years …
SAGITTARIUS: July 16-21 Tuesday, July 15
  “There is no such thing as a failed experiment,” said author and inventor Buckminster Fuller, “only experiments with unexpected outcomes.” Bring that spirit  to …
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