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GEMINI: May 7-May 13 Tuesday, May 6
Apple and Exxon are the most valuable companies in America. In third place, worth more than $350 billion, is Google. Back in 1999, when the future Internet giant was less than a year old, Google's …
TAURUS: May 7-May 13 Tuesday, May 6
Free jazz emerged in the 1950s as a rebellion against jazz conventions. Its meter is fluid, its harmonies unfamiliar, sometimes atonal. Song structures may be experimental and unpredictable. A key …
ARIES: May 7-May 13 Tuesday, May 6
Fireworks displays excite the eyes and lift the spirit, but the smoke and dust produced can harm our lungs with heavy metal residue. Toxic chemicals released may pollute streams, lakes and …
Bootleggers' Ball, Shrimp Festival, Charles Bradley, Onward, Etc., Bear Hands deliver the goods
THE POT BUSINESS Thursday, May 1
How to get rich in the medical marijuana business (or go broke trying)
RIP, SCOTT SARAGA Wednesday, April 30
There’s a dent in the heart of Jacksonville, a depression left by something precious. Maybe you don’t feel it, but if you’d known Scott Saraga, who died April 18, you probably …
Cindy Laquidara announced last week that she’s resigning her job as the city of Jacksonville’s chief attorney to take a private-sector gig (she’ll start at Ackerman Senterfitt in …
IN DEFENSE OF RICK SCOTT Wednesday, April 30
The letter in the April 16 Folio Weekly regarding Rick Scott [“Diversions,” Ted Mikalsen] is strictly speculation. If Gov. Scott was believed to be guilty of committing …
AS GOOD AS YOU DESERVE Wednesday, April 30
Why TV news is really terrible
Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find a pretty great piece on Florida’s in-the-starter-blocks medical marijuana industry, which is gearing up in the likely (according to polls) event that …
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Best of Jax ballot released on July 30 will ask this question and many others