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CHARLIE SIEM, Violin VIRTUOSO Wednesday, September 13
Rising star Charlie Siem isn’t just noted for his virtuoso fiddlin’ (he’s been playing since he was three), but for his stylin’ and profilin’–the New York Times …
The summer movie season is officially behind us (thank heavens), so it’s time to get excited for the Oscar bait that arrives every autumn. Remember, release dates are subject to …
Along with Guy Ritchie and Neil Marshall, one of the most original, exciting English filmmakers of the past 15-plus years has to be Ben Wheatley. All three started with action-thrillers of one kind …
She just turned 27, but Lydia Loveless already has plenty of music cred under her belt: four celebrated and genre-defying full-lengths. An intriguing and blunt documentary, Who Is Lydia Loveless?; …
You Can (STILL) See Wednesday, September 13
Touring for over 40 years, this band is easily one of the hardest working in show business. In the ’70s theirs was one of the hottest tickets to have, and though they might be taking a ride on …
Nation's first media feeding frenzy leads to "heartbreaking" and "emotional" play opening at Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre and starring some top local talent
So Tasty You'll BABYLON About It Wednesday, September 13
Never falafel with Yafa’s authentic fare
A-PEELING to the Senses Wednesday, September 13
Chef Bill goes bananas
BLURRED Lines Wednesday, September 13
Take the edge off with these high-octane German brews
MMJ Patient Advocates DECRIMINALIZATION Wednesday, September 13
Says getting a ’script wasn’t as difficult as reported