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A ROARING FAILURE Tuesday, June 24
How can Republicans have such a terrific product yet have such an awful brand
The Coathangers, Flagship Romance, Rebelution, Science & History of Wine and the Katz Downstairz also ready to rock your week
THE OTHER LOLITA Tuesday, June 24
Director Adrian Lyne creates new version of the novel that’s even more faithful to its source material
In my 25-plus years as a working journalist, the only article I ever wrote that elicited a call directly to my home phone was one like this
The Sharks' matter-of-fact coach, Les Moss, grew up around football, learning the game from his father, Perry Moss, then Jay Gruden
Behind the scenes as the Jacksonville Sharks, the city's winningest franchise, try to rally for a playoff spot
Many Sharks' players are looking to make it to the next level, but some take on second jobs to pay the bills
AN AMORAL SOCIETY Tuesday, June 24
That’s a scary thought.
PISCES: June 25-July 1 Tuesday, June 24
British poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) had an unusual fetish. He liked to eat apples, pears and other fruit while they were still on a branch. Why? Maybe the taste was as pure, brisk and naked as possible...
AQUARIUS: June 25-July 1 Tuesday, June 24
It’s a good time to risk a small leap of faith, but not a sprawling vault over a yawning abyss. Feel free and easy about exploring outer borders of familiar territory, but be cautious about wandering into the deep, dark unknown...
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