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THOU ART BANISHED Wednesday, May 28
Among discretionary punishments authorized to Georgia judges is banishing an offender from the county in which he committed the crime. Complained driver Ricardo Riley (who as of February is barred from Walton County), "I didn't commit no murder, I'm …
UNEARNED REWARDS Wednesday, May 28
The U.S. Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration, in his latest report on agency employee bonuses in April (for late 2010-'12), disclosed $2.8 million of high-
The Asia Pacific branch of worldwide advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather apologized in May for a recent "Bounce Back" ad in India for Kurl-On mattresses (whose general theme is mattresses so comfortable, users "bounce" up after landing on them). …
POOR LITTLE RICH BOY Wednesday, May 28
Ethan Couch, 17, was convicted of DUI manslaughter last year after killing four people, but benefited at sentencing from a counselor's testimony describing him as a victim of "affluenza," a condition in which children of wealthy families hopelessly …
CRAPPING OUT Wednesday, May 28
One of the leading theories as to the cause of a radiation leak at a nuclear waste dump near Carlsbad, New Mexico, in February is the facility's recent, unanticipated switch to "organic" kitty litter. An inorganic variety had been used to absorb …
PISS ON THAT Wednesday, May 28
In April, India's Delhi High Court judges declined to halt the local government's program of posting pictures of deities on walls of buildings to discourage public urination — surely no one would soil his lord. The plaintiffs pointed out the …
TANGLED UP IN BLUE Wednesday, May 28
The eccentric, iconic rockers celebrate the 
20th anniversary of their legendary debut
Old Crow Medicine Show delivers the goods; Wayne Wood leads Breakfast in the Park in Riverside
Corey is not happy — not happy with the Times-Union, not happy with us, just not happy
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