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ALVIN'S BIG WIN (MAYBE) Wednesday, May 28
The mayor announced an agreement with the Jacksonville Police & Fire Pension Fund to stave off the city's looming crisis
SKIN JOBS Wednesday, May 28
Ryan Hanley's biker, metal and S&M influenced taxidermy updates the staid trade for a wild today
In Ray McKelvey's honor, fellow punks play a tribute concert on June 6 at Rain Dogs; proceeds go to the Sweet Relief Musicians' Fund
GIGADOLLARS & CENTS Wednesday, May 28
In April, Anton Purisima filed a claim in Federal District Court in New York City that Lowering The Bar blog calculated was for the largest monetary demand ever made in a lawsuit: "$2,000 decillion" (or 2 followed by 36 zeroes, which is many times …
ONLY IN FLORIDUH Wednesday, May 28
Calvin Rodriguez was arrested in Port St. Lucie in May as the man who'd been using a shaved key to steal cars from parking lots. His spree came to an abrupt halt as he sped away from police in a stolen Honda Civic, only to crash into a huge …
During a regional session of Spain's parliament in February, a photographer from El Diario Montanes newspaper got a shot of legislator Miguel Angel Revilla looking at a picture of a nude woman (in a magazine hidden inside a folder). He later claimed …
MORE FLAWDUH Wednesday, May 28
In May, U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia of Florida was captured on a C-SPAN camera during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, casually eating his earwax. In the sequence, described on a Time magazine blog, he dug into his ear, inspected the results, placed …
WHAT A JERK! Wednesday, May 28
An unnamed 60-year-old Buddhist monk was arrested in Nantou County, Taiwan, in April after a convenience-store manager said he was caught red-handed swiping packs of beef jerky. "I don't know why," he told police, "but lately I had this craving for …
FINE POINTS OF LAW Wednesday, May 28
In 2013, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled it wasn't necessarily illegal for teachers to send students sexually oriented text messages — that the state law banning the practice violated "free speech." As a result, in February 2014, prosecutors …
WHAT A JERK! PT. II Wednesday, May 28
Despite a 1971 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court declaring governments couldn't punish people who are merely "annoying," dozens of towns (according to a March Wall Street Journal item) continue to regard the behavior as criminal. The justices …
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