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The Power Meter Tuesday, September 15
POWER UP: JAX BEACH GETS EXTREME If you thought the artisanal asparagus water provided by the new Whole Foods location would make Jax Beach a destination, something even cooler is coming. On …
KEEPING PACE Friday, September 11
Yet another St. Johns County development project has amplified rural residents and environmentalists’ concerns over unsustainable growth
The Power Meter Wednesday, September 9
POWER UP: HANDOUTS! The Florida Legislature is anticipating the state will end up with more than $600 million in budget surplus, according to several news sources. The Republican dominated …
The Power Meter Wednesday, September 9
POWER UP: RESIST 450 Last week, <> Greg Parlier reported on the indigenous groups protesting St. Augustine’s 450th birthday bash, which the groups …
The Power Meter Wednesday, September 9
POWER DOWN: MAYOR BROWN APPOINTEES The first ulcers Duval Dems developed when imagining Lenny Curry taking the reins as mayor of Jacksonville stemmed from the perception that someone who was …
An interview with New Jax City Rollers team captain, Fancy Schmancy
JUSTICE DENIED Wednesday, September 9
One woman’s 14-year struggle raises questions about how rape victims are treated by JSO and SAO
BETTER THAN UBER Wednesday, September 9
Unconventional spot stands the test of time
BOARD GAMES Wednesday, September 9
Why Curry was right to dump Soderberg
GETTING THE LAST LAUGH Wednesday, September 9
On the stage or behind the lens, BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT remains a sardonic threat to the status quo