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CRIME. BOY, I DON'T KNOW. Tuesday, June 17
Stepping back and realizing there’s no easy fix to stop murders
MAN THE DECKS Tuesday, June 17
DJ Lord — turntablist for the legendary Public Enemy and one of the top-ranked DJs on Earth — brings his skills to 5 Points
The city literally and figuratively turned its back on more than 30 locally owned small businesses, including specialty retailers, bars, restaurants and art galleries
'If we’re having a conflict between crewmembers, they’ll come in and aggravate that a little bit.'
One of the big winners at Cannes Film Festival a few months ago was Julianne Moore, who copped Best Actress for her role in David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars. Heaven only knows when, if ever, the film will play here, however...
PISCES: June 18-24 Tuesday, June 17
 It’s always an important practice to shield yourself against our diverse and active culture’s superficial and sexist ideas about sex; many of these ideas originate from …
AQUARIUS: June 18-24 Tuesday, June 17
   It’s transition time. We’ll soon see how skilled you are at following through. The innovations you launched recently need to be fleshed out. The creativity you unleashed …
CAPRICORN: June 18-24 Tuesday, June 17
  Pet mice kept in cages need to move more than the enclosed space allows, so their owners install exercise wheels. If the rodents want to exert their natural instinct to run around, they do …
SAGITTARIUS: June 18-24 Tuesday, June 17
  “Make a name for the dark parts of you,” writes Lisa Marie Basile in her poem Paz. The imminent future is an excellent time to acknowledge your nature’s shadowy aspects. …
LEO: June 18-24 Tuesday, June 17
  In the next two weeks, don’t fall prey to the craze sweeping Japan. More than 40,000 people have bought books with photos of hamuketsu, or hamster bottoms. Even if you avoid that …
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What was the 'Best Scandal' in Northeast Florida over the past year?
The Best of Jax ballot released on July 30 will ask this question and many more