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Perhaps best known for the iconic Endless Summer poster, Van Hamersveld can be credited with shaping the late ’60s/early ’70s blissed-out surfing vibe that’s totally timeless, as if being a little sunburned and drained after an afternoon of catching waves (or trying to) was captured in one luminous, Day-Glo click.
Machado and her band, La Parranda El Clavo, hail from a tiny town of 1,500 souls–Afro-Venezuelan descendants of slaves who worked the cacao plantations, and the inheritors of a rich musical tradition steeped in polyrhythms and percussion, call-and-response singing with politically charged lyrics.
Some of the smartest people we know are comics, and Barcena’s no exception (we feel we know him from our YouTube bond).
There's no room for Patricia Dombrowski in the rap world. She’s an overweight white girl from New Jersey who’s laughed at and rejected whenever she dares to ask for a chance.
Though the band’s name is a little on the nose (we get it: y’all are wanderers, like bards of old) the music is anything but typical.
Australian singer/songwriter Darren Hanlon reveals parallels between the Land Down Under and the American South