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Location, Location … Wednesday, March 12
Clients Richard and Sandra Weiner filed a lawsuit in Paterson, N.J., in January against their former real estate agent, Robert Lindsay, who they said had a blatant conflict of interest while offering the Weiners' house for sale. The agent allegedly, …
It's a Dog's Life Wednesday, March 12
As Americans know, Canada's health care system, funded largely by taxes, is dramatically less expensive than America's — well, unless you're a dog. The Canadian news service CTV reported in February that increasingly, pet owners in Winnipeg, …
Ya Pay for It One Way or Another Wednesday, March 12
The Internal Revenue Service might have second thoughts about suing William Berroyer to recover a $60,000 tax underpayment since, by the time Berroyer was finished with them, the federal government had been ordered to write Berroyer (now age 66) …
Unclear on the Concept Wednesday, March 12
Michael Williams, 53, was arrested in Sumter, S.C., in February after his debit card was rejected as payment at the Applebee's restaurant. Police were called when Williams' backup form of payment was a "U.S. currency" bill in the denomination of $1 …
Least Competent Criminals Wednesday, March 12
Dyonta Rose, 29, in police custody the night of Feb. 22 in Dallas for possession of narcotics, fled the police cruiser still wearing his handcuffs. Rose was tracked down a short time later when he called 911 to ask for an ambulance because his …
Undignified Deaths Wednesday, March 12
Twenty-two people were killed (and 15 injured) just north of Baghdad in February, from a devastating suicide-bomb blast. The 37 were Sunni militants attending a class on how to be suicide bombers when the teacher's vest accidentally exploded.
Missed Opportunities Wednesday, March 12
An 86-year-old man, celebrating his selection in November by Howard Stern's radio show to be treated to a fancy meal followed by a menage-a-trois session with prostitutes at Nevada's famed Bunny Ranch, called it "the greatest day of my life." …
Paint the Town Green Wednesday, March 12
Your St. Patrick's Day (Weekend) Field Guide. Get a cab
The Fake History of St. Augustine Wednesday, March 12
As the Oldest City nears its 450th birthday, we break down what's real and what's, well, not so much
Land of the Tiger, Jack Russell's Great White, PHiNS Gumbo Festival also on tap
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