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READERS' CHOICE Wednesday, August 20
An airborne banner towed by an airplane came loose in Fremont, California, in July and floated down, landing on a house, frightening the residents. The sign advertised GEICO insurance.
ALL THINGS MUST PASS Wednesday, August 20
A 10-foot-tall pine tree in Los Angeles's Griffith Park, dedicated in 2004 with a plaque to the late musician George Harrison, was recently destroyed by an infestation, and another will be planted in its place, according to a city councilman. The …
Five months later, John Study is still waiting for JSO to figure out if the cop he says pulled a Glock on him did anything wrong
Why you should help bring a 
Naval museum to The Shipyards
An LP on the way, the all-female Memphis quartet is embarking on its maiden national tour
The mystery surrounding the Zachariah Tipton killing is unnerving. So was your article [Cover Story, “Die to Ride,” Derek Kinner, July 16]. I suggest doing a rewrite in a fictional vein, …
What it's like to live in the shadows
It’s hard to fault the Jacksonville City Council’s reticence to once again raise property taxes — not with election season around the corner, not after hiking the tax rate by 14 …
Go hungry to this Northside Asian restaurant, but skip dessert
So you’d think that, like in Major League Baseball, the formula for making the minor-league playoffs would be pretty straightforward: If you win enough games to claim your division or a wild …
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