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TAURUS: March 26-April 1 Tuesday, March 25
In Somalia, there’s a law that forbids one from putting used chewing gum on one’s nose and walking around in public. Fortunately, you don’t live there, so it’s fine if you want to do that. Go …
ARIES: March 26-April 1 Tuesday, March 25
  I’ve coined a new word just for your horoscope this week. “Zex,” short for “zen sex,” is a kind of sex in which your mind is at rest, empty of all thought. You …
What's coming up at Northeast Florida clubs, bars and concert venues
KNOCK IT OFF, ROOKIE Friday, March 21
I’m old, which to a lot of young musicians means I should have given up playing rock ’n’ roll years ago. But at 46, I’ve only recently begun to understand what this journey was all about. …
'Bad Words' Ticket Giveaway Thursday, March 20
Win a pair of tickets to see an advance screening of the film 'Bad Words'
The 7 Percent Thursday, March 20
Food scene is vibrant, but 62,000 Duval residents live in places with limited access to grocery stores
Street Lighter Wednesday, March 19
Shaun Thurston, known for wielding spray can and brush, 
is MOCA's mystery artist for One Spark
City, Interrupted Wednesday, March 19
A brief history of Jacksonville
San Francisco's No. 1 Problem Wednesday, March 19
The ecology-conscious city (having recently encouraged routine composting of dinner leftovers) is considering environment-friendly public urinals like the PPlanter created by engineer Brent Bucknum. Users urinate into a ceramic basin and flush the …
The Entrepreneurial Spirit Wednesday, March 19
Branko Bogdanov, 58, his wife, Lela, 52, and daughter Julia, 34, were arrested in March and charged in a 10-year shoplifting enterprise run out of their upscale Northbrook, Ill., home, which they allegedly used as a base while prowling stores in …
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