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SMALL HAUL Wednesday, July 2
A "stocky" man in his 30s wearing a Cincinnati Reds baseball cap was sought in New York City in June after holding up five banks in the space of about three-and-a-half-hours but nabbing a total of only $449 (still, an average of $128 an hour). …
Notorious San Diego tagger Francisco Canseco, 18, was in a downtown courtroom in June for a hearing on 31 misdemeanor paint-vandalism charges and apparently could not contain his boredom. While waiting (as officials discovered only the next day), …
PULL YOUR WHAT? Wednesday, July 2
Argentinian agricultural scientists in 2008 created a "methane backpack" to collect grazing cows' emissions (with a tube from the cow's rumen to the inflatable bag) to see how much of the world's greenhouse-gas problem was from livestock. Having …
TURN YOUR HEAD Wednesday, July 2
When three parrots were stolen from a home in Saxilby, England, in June, the owner provided police with their descriptions, even though all three are African greys, quite talkative and look very much alike. One of the three, however, has asthma and …
POOTY CAT Wednesday, July 2
A black-and-white housecat, Lenny, was turned back to a shelter near Rochester, New York, in April, only two days after adoption because the new owner could not tolerate Lenny's flatulence. (A more brave second adopter, even though "warned," has …
UPDATE Wednesday, July 2
Turns out (contrary to an April 20 NOTW report) that Dayton, Ohio, transit driver Rickey Wagoner was not saved by the religious book in his pocket that absorbed a bullet from an attack by "three black teenagers." After a thorough investigation, the …
NEW WORLD ORDER Wednesday, July 2
Plant City High School near Tampa announced its 2014 valedictorian, Ms. Dhara Patel, had graduated with a grade-point average of 10.03. She not only vanquished the students who'd fought for the formerly coveted 4.0, but aced her heavy load of the …
Grill Me! Wednesday, July 2
WINE TASTINGS A weekly Q&A with people in the food biz WINE TASTINGS A weekly Q&A with people in the food biz
Angel King asked 
the State Attorney's 
Office for records 
related to her daughter's death. Sure, they said. 
That'll be $180 grand
Former Action News meteorologist says it was 'more about covering murders, fires and all this other stuff'
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