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STAY HUNGRY Wednesday, July 8
You can’t start — or kill — a fire with just one spark
Not to be confused with disaster flicks like San Andreas, Armageddon, or 2012, the Australian doomsday film These Final Hours (2013) offers no hope of survival for anyone. It’s the end of …
MELLOW YELLOW Wednesday, July 8
The adorably servile creatures from the Despicable Me movies would’ve been better served by a better story
THE DRONE FRONTIER Wednesday, July 8
The new Wild West is up above our heads
POT LICKERS Wednesday, July 8
Ted’s puts the “chow” in “chowder”
POWER TO THE POULTRY Wednesday, July 8
Jacksonville joins growing list of cities where it’s legal to raise backyard hens
DON'T CALL IT A BACKLOG Wednesday, July 8
Over the course of three decades, JSO accumulated nearly 2,000 untested Rape Kits. It will take nearly a half-decade to unclog the logjam.
LET IT RAIN Wednesday, July 8
Jacksonville might not be known for its underground club scene, but that’s not to say locals haven’t enjoyed their share of underground entertainment over the years. Jack Rabbits, 1904 …
IS THIS REAL? Wednesday, July 8
American Idol Nick Fradiani hopes to leap from the show’s expiring popularity to a real career
I KEEP A CLOSE WATCH Wednesday, July 8
Local folk-indie seven-piece Fort Stories search for meaning through the music