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ROUND AT THE CIRCLE K Wednesday, April 2
Colton Green was arrested in Decatur, Ill., in March, shortly after a nearby Circle K gas station was robbed. Police said it wasn't a challenging collar, in that Green was on probation and wearing an ankle monitor whose GPS trail placed him at the …
READERS' CHOICE Wednesday, April 2
A self-described "devil"-possessed Stephanie Hamman, 23, was arrested in Church Hill, Tenn., in March after driving her car through the front door of Providence Church, then summoning her husband on the phone. When he arrived, she stabbed him in the …
Police were called to a Taco Bell in Tega Cay, S.C., in March after one customer became irate that another had audibly belched in the dining area yet didn't say "excuse me." The enraged man jostled the burper with a chair and grabbed at his throat, …
A LOVE SUPREME Wednesday, April 2
Krishna Das, world-renowned master of the kirtan who eschewed rock stardom for spirituality, merges Eastern and Western musical traditions
SOUL SURVIVOR Wednesday, April 2
‘Cosmic Cowboy' Ray Wylie Hubbard, off the sauce and focused on the craft of songwriting, delivers a dose of gutbucket gospel
THE LONELY JIHAD Wednesday, April 2
Deciphering Al Qaeda wannabe Shelton Bell's test pattern
Wednesday, April 2
Priscilla was the moniker that adorned corporate documents not so long ago, when she served as vice president of The Hutson Companies, the barons who own so much land throughout Northeast Florida. Rachael was the name under which she ran a …
BLURRED LINES Tuesday, April 1
For St. Johns County Commissioner Rachael Bennett, there’s little difference between loyalty to her constituents and loyalty to her former employer
STILL FIGHTING IT Tuesday, April 1
The ongoing battle over racial discrimination at the Jacksonville Fire Department
There's no one in Jacksonville more ubiquitous or enigmatic than Wayne Wood
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