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Left BEHIND Wednesday, March 14
Jacksonville needs to look at equality under law
ADAM'S Rib Wednesday, March 14
Create a meaty meal called delicious
Hundreds of athletes from Florida to compete in USA games
Triggered LADIES Thursday, March 8
Following on the heels of testosterone-driven John Wick flicks, the ladies have recently taken to flexing their muscles and trigger fingers as well, most notably in Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron …
OVARY Edition Thursday, March 8
Like Christmas SWEATERS Thursday, March 8
Art and criticism are slippery, shady (a.f.) businesses packed with ego, agenda and the genuine search for meaning.
KING of the Can Thursday, March 8
Update the one-pan, all-processed classic
SIREN Call Thursday, March 8
Celtic Woman
Method MATTERS Thursday, March 8
Yes, there's a right way to pour a Guinness pint
  In this era of YouTube overload, social media "stories" that disappear into the ether after 24 hours, and the live-streaming of everything, sitting down to splice together found analog …