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Memphis quintet kicks out the jams 21st century style
The artists explore their years-long creative partnership through the realm of myth
TAURUS: November 5-11 Wednesday, November 5
The scientific term for what happens when you get a headache from eating too much ice cream too fast is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. Be on guard against such an occurrence in the coming week. Watch out for other phenomena that fit the description of being too-much-and-too-fast-of-a-good-thing. On the other hand, you shouldn’t worry at all about slowly getting just the right amount of a good thing. Enjoy your pleasures with grace and moderation; you’ll be fine.
ARIES: November 5-11 Wednesday, November 5
Shape-shifting is a common fairy tale theme, says cultural historian Marina Warner in her book From the Beast to the Blonde. “A rusty lamp turns into an all-powerful talisman,” for example. “A humble pestle and mortar become the winged vehicle of the fairy enchantress,” or a slovenly beggar in a dirty donkeyskin transforms into a radiant princess. I foresee metaphorically similar events in your life soon. Maybe they’re already underway. Don’t underestimate the magic that is possible.
Daylong event in Riverside features readings by notable Northeast Florida writers
Close out Spotify, spin the black circle
Despite the many broken promises made over the years, Jacksonville City Council member Bill Bishop writes that there is a pathway to a prosperous future for the troubled area
"Snowpiercer" and other "End of the World" films will whet your appetite for doomsday entertainment
SCARIEST PEOPLE: DOC TONY Wednesday, October 29
They’re hideous! They’re terrifying! They’re masks … and you can wear them!
They’re hideous! They’re terrifying! They’re masks … and you can wear them!
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