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BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, October 28
BRICKBATS TO ALVIN BROWN In light of recent news about deplorable living conditions at the Eureka Gardens complex on Jacksonville’s Westside, WJCT reports that former Mayor Alvin Brown …
PULL MY CHAIN Wednesday, October 28
In an awful division, the Jags could be contenders
Northeast Florida's SCARIEST PEOPLE Wednesday, October 28
Dress up as some of Northeast Florida’s Scariest People and accessorize with our last-minute costume tips
The Power Meter Thursday, October 22
POWER DOWN: TIMES-UNION EDITORIAL BOARD Just as the editorial board of Morris Communications most widely circulated daily newspaper was lauding Mayor Lenny Curry’s first 100 days in …
The Power Meter Thursday, October 22
POWER UP: THE AMERICAN DREAM Trump fans, who, according to a new UNF poll are many in the state of Florida, will undoubtedly flock to hear the eloquent heir and frontrunner for the Republican …
The Power Meter Thursday, October 22
POWER DOWN: CONFEDERATE FLAG On Monday, Florida lawmakers agreed to remove the Confederate flag from the state seal, prompting one Florida resident who feels the flag is a symbol of hate to …
BUILT TO LAST Wednesday, October 21
In the midst of what many see as a partisan purge of the city’s volunteer service boards, Lisa King and Joey McKinnon are refusing Mayor Curry’s request for their resignations
AN ENIGMATIC ENDEAVOR Wednesday, October 21
New exhibit at the Cummer highlights a captivating 20th-century women’s pottery program
GHOST OF A CHANCE Wednesday, October 21
Guillermo del Toro’s latest is a … wait for it … “spooktacular” bore
PIONEERING REALITIES Wednesday, October 21
At the time of his accidental death from a drug overdose in 1982, Rainer Werner Fassbinder had already directed 40-plus films, some landmarks not only in the New German Cinema but in 20th-century …