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NAZIS, ART AND FILM Wednesday, August 20
Real and fictional battles over priceless artwork
ROCKIN' MESSIAH Wednesday, July 9
Prominent theoretical chemist David Glowacki was ejected from a classical music concert at England's Bristol Old Vic in June for disrupting a performance of Handel's "Messiah." He was trying to crowd-surf in front of the stage. Dr. Glowacki, an …
We asked the Black Kids bassist and former Folio Weekly staff writer to do our work for us, for old times' sake
A formal-dress rental store in Fukui, Japan, with a side business making keepsake portraits of brides, was surprised at the number of men who requested a similar service — to be outfitted just like the women, in wedding gowns and other frills, …
THE BOOK OF FOLK 9 hours ago
"From one ‘looney' to another." So reads the inscription in my copy of Ron Johnson's new book, North Florida Folk Music: History and Tradition. He's referencing the time we spent together many years ago in the cast of Theatre Jacksonville's …
HAVE I GOT A GIRL FOR YOU Wednesday, July 9
Parental fear of having raised girls and boys who
9 hours ago
While the straw poll results at the recent right-of-center hobnob in Jacksonville suggest there might be some life in the Bill Bishop campaign, most observers think the mayoral race is going to come down to Alvin and Lenny. After all, they've got …
PRIORITIES Wednesday, July 9
San Francisco's activist Board of Supervisors, among the boldest in the country to rid their cities of obnoxious goods and services, added disposable plastic water bottles to the list in March (joining circumcision, plastic shopping bags and …
DUCK, GOOSE! 9 hours ago
A Nassau County judge ordered the summary execution of a flock of geese for the crime of pooping near the judicial center that bears his name
HOT CHICK Wednesday, July 9
In a bizarre animal beauty contest, in June, the tiny serama chicken pageant was celebrated on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Seramas (which are thought by natives to have aphrodisiac powers) have richly colored plumage and a bearing — …
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