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The Power Meter Tuesday, September 15
POWER UP: Riverside Debauchery According to the Florida Times-Union, a proposal put together by Riverside Avondale Preservation society (also known as the oldest RAP group in Jax) and its …
WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S Wednesday, July 22
During the few years I spent on the WEST Coast, I would occasionally duck into a bar early on a Sunday around 10 a.m. to catch a few snaps of my hometown National Football League squad. Inevitably, …
The Power Meter Tuesday, September 15
POWER UP: MTV CRIBS: Lenny Curry edition Judging by the chambray shirt and ten-gallon hat he sported at the Tim McGraw concert, Mayor Curry was all too eager to hang his chevron curtains in …
STAKES IS HIGH Wednesday, September 23
Prediction: The Curry game plan in the next few months will determine his legacy
The Power Meter Tuesday, August 18
POWER UP: REDUNDANT PROTECTIONS FOR PASTORS Though they are already allowed to refuse to marry couples if it violates their religious beliefs, pastors in Florida may receive unnecessary …
9-0-4 THE LOVE OF LOCAL Wednesday, September 23
New-ish Penman Road spot is a fresh take on farm-to-table
THE BESTEST CHEERLEADERS Wednesday, September 23
Just a few months after returning to Northeast Florida, I was interviewing a leading voice in the Jacksonville arts community for another publication. Of all the positive things I’d heard …
KEEPING PACE Wednesday, September 23
After amplifying rural residents’ and environmentalists’ concerns over unsustainable growth, a proposed development in St. Johns County receives a rare denial
TANGLED WEB Wednesday, August 26
Why COJ fears MMJ
JAGS LEAD THE AFC SOUTH!? Wednesday, September 23
The secret to getting Blake Bortles, quarterback for the AFC South co-leading Jacksonville Jaguars (something I mention because, even though it’s meaningless, it’s also true) to step up? …