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SCREENS on FIRE Wednesday, August 3
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is a best friend romp at its British comedic peak
ROGUE WAVE Wednesday, August 3
Latest globetrotting installment of popular action franchise shoots to thrill
NEW HORIZONS Wednesday, August 3
One name change and one fresh full-length later, psych-pop trio Candace is thriving
YOU BETTER RUN! Wednesday, August 3
Tour de Pain
ULTIMATE BFFs Wednesday, August 3
Stand By Me
AMERICAN GIGOLO Wednesday, August 3
Rob Schneider
SAVVY STUDENTS Wednesday, August 10
OPEN KEY Wednesday, August 10
2013 Field Guide Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Essential information for all Northeast Florida natives and newcomers
JUSTICE BY GEOGRAPHY Wednesday, August 10
Crime may be enforced differently, depending who — and where — you are