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SAGITTARIUS: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
  In one of her poems, Adrienne Rich addresses her lover: “That conversation we were always on the edge / of having, runs on in my head.” Is there a similar phenomenon in your …
CAPRICORN: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
  This is a fun time to brainstorm about everything you’ve never been and will never be. Fantasize about goals you don’t want to accomplish, qualities you won’t cultivate …
At the risk of sounding completely out of touch with modern metal genres, I’m going to steer clear of trying to classify Marion Crane — other than to say they are some subgenre of metal. And, to …
PISCES: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
  Every year, the U.S. government spends $25,455 per capita on senior citizens’ programs. Meanwhile, it allocates $3,822 for programs to help children. In the weeks ahead, reverse your …
TAPPED OUT Thursday, May 8
The 2014 session passed without the Legislature doing anything to address Florida’s pending water crisis
Florida's GOP-dominated Legislature gets stuff done like slashing taxes and passing the largest budget in state history
TAKE BACK 'MERCA! Wednesday, May 14
Not from the black president, but from the oligarchs who have eviscerated the middle class
LEO: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
In 1928, Bobby Pearce won a gold medal in rowing at the Summer Olympics held in Amsterdam. An unforeseen event almost sabotaged his victory. As he rowed along Sloten Canal, a family of ducks swam …
RIDE THE WAVE Wednesday, May 14
The five Zen koans of Hawaiian surf folkie Jack Johnson
LIBRA: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
“You should be interviewing roses, not people,” says a character in Anne Carson’s book The Autobiography of Red. That’s sound poetic advice in the days ahead. More than you …
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What was the 'Best Scandal' in Northeast Florida over the past year?
The Best of Jax ballot released on July 30 will ask this question and many more