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Cool Hand UKE Wednesday, September 14
Jake Shimabukuro
SCREENS on FIRE Wednesday, August 3
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is a best friend romp at its British comedic peak
ROGUE WAVE Wednesday, August 3
Latest globetrotting installment of popular action franchise shoots to thrill
NEW HORIZONS Wednesday, August 3
One name change and one fresh full-length later, psych-pop trio Candace is thriving
YOU BETTER RUN! Wednesday, August 3
Tour de Pain
ULTIMATE BFFs Wednesday, August 3
Stand By Me
AMERICAN GIGOLO Wednesday, August 3
Rob Schneider
SAVVY STUDENTS Wednesday, August 10
OPEN KEY Wednesday, August 10
2013 Field Guide Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Essential information for all Northeast Florida natives and newcomers