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TAURUS: May 28-June 3 Wednesday, May 28
Rarely, some earthquakes occur in slow-motion, 22 to 34 miles down, where tectonic plates are hotter and gooier. Unlike the sudden, shocking jolts of typical temblors, this gradual variety can take …
GEMINI: May 28-June 3 Wednesday, May 28
Some night soon, you’ll dream of being naked on stage in front of a big audience. Maybe not completely naked; there’s a strong possibility you’re wearing pink-and-green-striped socks and a gold …
LEO: May 28-June 3 Wednesday, May 28
”Dear Diary: Almost everything that was possible to change has changed these last 12 months. I’m not kidding and nor exaggerating. Getting just one of my certainties destroyed …
Rachel Morningstar Hoffman. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, don’t be surprised. When I was hipped to the upcoming Purple Hatter’s Ball, an annual concert held in her memory, this year May 9-11 …
ARIES: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
Would you like your savings account to grow? Then consistently deposit money in it. Would you like to feel good, with lots of physical energy? Eat healthful food, sleep as much as you need to and exercise regularly. Do you want folks to see your best and give you the benefit of the doubt? See their best and give them the benefit of the doubt.
TAURUS: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
Your urge to merge is heating up. Your curiosity about combos is intensifying. It’s time to conduct mixing and blending experiments. Let your imagination run half-wild...
GEMINI: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
American painter Ivan Albright (1897-1983) was a meticulous creator. He spent time to get every detail right. An entire day might go by as he worked to perfect one square inch of a painting – some pieces took years to finish. When the task demanded intricate precision, he used a brush of a single hair.
LIBRA: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
In the last two decades, seven Academy Award winners have given thanks to God while accepting their Oscars. By contrast, 30 winners have expressed gratitude to film studio executive Harvey Weinstein. Who do you acknowledge as essential to your success? What generous souls, departed helpers and spiritual beings have contributed to your ability to thrive...
Recurring Theme: An unnamed "gangland" bomber was killed in March in Dublin, Ireland, when the payload exploded prematurely. The detonation occurred on the morning of March 30, which marked the daylight saving time change in Ireland, and police …
2013 Field Guide Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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