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JACKSONVILLE, Fla (January 2015) – Board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Amit Chokshi has been named Chief of Ophthalmology at Baptist Medical Center. Dr. Chokshi took over this position on January …
THE POWER OF ONE SENSITIVE SOUL Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Lt. Col. Sherwood Baker was turned away from Adams High School in Rochester, Michigan, in September by a guard who said a school official sent word that Baker wasn’t allowed in to discuss his daughter’s class schedule until he changed into civilian clothes — because “a student” might be offended by his military uniform. The Rochester school superintendent later apologized.
WE SAVED YOUR LIMEY ASS IN WWII Wednesday, November 26, 2014
The British Embassy in Washington, D.C., apologized twice in August, first a tongue-in-cheek “apology” for England’s War of 1812 attack on the White House and then for making that “apology” in the first place — because of a backlash on Twitter from Americans complaining the jokey “apology” was “offensive.”
The debate over Florida schools demands facts, not ideology
BRIGHT IDEAS Wednesday, November 26, 2014
David Van Vleet asked for certain supposedly public records in Tacoma, Washington, and was forced into federal court when the city turned him down. Van Vleet wanted data from the city licenses of strip club employees (dancers’ stage and real names, date of birth, etc.) so he could pray for them individually, by name, to make his appeals more effective. In October, Judge Ronald Leighton denied Van Vleet a temporary restraining order against the city.
FANCY-SCHMANCY CRAP Wednesday, November 26, 2014
The Washington, D.C., restaurant Second State recently added an accessory to its bar menu — “hand-cut rock,” i.e., “artisanal” ice, for a buck extra (but free in premium drinks).
CHUTZPAH! Wednesday, November 26, 2014
The law finally caught up, partially, to squatter Darrell Beatty in September, as he was charged with grand larceny for forging a deed to a home owned by Jennifer Merin, 70, in Laurelton, New York. He bailed out of jail on Oct. 22 and went straight to the house. In fact, Beatty’s two sons had remained “at home” while Beatty was locked up. The home has been in Merin’s family since 1930. “Mind-boggling,” she said.
THE LAW WORKS IN STRANGE WAYS Wednesday, November 26, 2014
In October, The Gothamist news site reported bicyclist John Roemer, who was rear-ended by a driver in Brooklyn in May (and whose intensive-care bill was paid by the driver’s insurance company), is now being sued by the driver in small claims court for $2,000 damage to her car.
A couple months back, to illustrate a cover story on how local churches were adapting their message and presentation to the millennial age, our art director, Shan Stumpf, gave a hipsterish makeover …
NELSON CUBA, LIBRE Thursday, January 15
The disgraced former head of the police union gets a slap on the wrist