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The Power Meter Tuesday, August 18
POWER DOWN: TREE HUGGER, GOV. RICK SCOTT Indeed, giving the climate-change-denying Gov. Scott an award for environmentalism is equally as regrettable as anything ever done by Florida Man (or …
WHILE YOU WERE ART Wednesday, September 23
Apologies to Mark Williams. Not for the reasons you might expect. We’ll get to the review of the actual material on his new album, Out Past the Moon, in a moment. So if you want to get right …
SHIN UP Wednesday, July 29
DAMMIT JANET Thursday, October 1
Janet Adkins' race problem … and ours?
SOUL SERENADE Wednesday, July 29
BLACK DIAMONDS Thursday, October 1
Though Italian filmmaker Mario Bava actually contributed to the direction of a handful of movies in the 1950s (including the Kirk Douglas version of Ulysses), his first such credited effort was in …
OPTIMIST’S CLUB Wednesday, September 2
Liberty Street solution speaks to larger consensus
TALK LIKE A MUSICIAN Thursday, October 1
In a recent online forum conversation, a musician friend insisted that he had “flow.” A fellow player in the forum asked him, “What specifically is flow?” Mr. Flow Man went …
BONGFINGER Wednesday, September 2
An odd narrative makes this stoner-spy film hybrid a weak buzz
“THE GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME” Wednesday, September 2
Kairos Foods & Juices hopes tasty treats are just the beginning