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Breezin' on the BEACH Wednesday, June 7
Not unlike the music of The Grateful Dead, chocolate mint and wearing electric flip-flops, smooth jazz can be an acquired taste. But devotees of this laid-back style maintain their loyalty, one …
Says he’s devilishly handsome, witty and stylish, too
Love at First Bite Wednesday, August 7, 2013
It's time for our semi-annual Bite by Bite issue. 
BELLE of the Ball Wednesday, June 7
Composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist-dramatist Oscar Hammerstein II, better known as simply Rodgers & Hammerstein, created some of the most memorable musicals of the 20th century, including The …
Baddest Hollywood BADASS Wednesday, July 26
With the possible exception of Errol Flynn, he was probably the most badass of Hollywood’s great badasses. At least that was his reputation. Unlike Flynn, who died at 50, washed up and wasted, …
EGG-stra-ordinary Wednesday, July 26
Ovo means egg in Portuguese … and this show, set in a Brazilian rain forest, is the dreamlike answer to a very, very specific question: What happens when a mysterious egg appears in an insect …
Fully DECKED! Wednesday, June 14
Locals rejoice! Kona Skatepark, the oldest privately owned skatepark on the planet, celebrates its 40th anniversary with awesome events: appearances by skate legends Tony Alva (pictured), Christian …
ABBA 4Evah Wednesday, June 14
Mamma Mia! has certainly struck a chord with audiences. It’s the story of a 20-year-old bride-to-be, who discovers she’s the daughter of one of three men—and invites all three to …
Fur-ever LOVE Wednesday, July 26
Fostering adoptable pets can change two lives … theirs and yours
Mere MORSELS Wednesday, June 21
Small plates? Wraps? I don’t want no stinkin’ small plates or wraps!