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He was Jacksonville's most iconoclastic artist. God, he hated this place
A few disclaimers before we launch into this week's soul-crushing record review: 
 1) I hate the name Bleeding in Stereo, which coincidentally happens to be the name 
of this band. Any band that has "bleeding" in 
its name — Romeo Bleeding, …
The comedy auteur presents "Nothing Lasts Forever" at Sun-Ray Cinema
Her one-woman show "Life on the Diagonal" is an intimate and inventive look at a truly creative life
The husband-and-wife duo meld invention, puppetry and weather into an indescribable Big Easy scramble
The GOP rigged the game and reaped the benefits
UNF hosts a reading by the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet
NIKKI LANE IS ALL-IN Wednesday, December 10
‘Country as shit’ and proudly salt of the earth, Lane is riding high on songs about heartbreak, whiskey and scoring strange
Will the coming climate change 
regulations drive up your power bill?
Everything Under the Sun Wednesday, May 22, 2013
The days are long, so fill them with fun
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