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(A Different Sort) of FAITH Wednesday, February 21
Two movies conjure horrifying matters
Tall, Proud and BLACK Wednesday, February 21
Black Panther is a marvelous new entry into the Marvel-verse
Countering COVFEFE Wednesday, February 21
Trae Crowder & Co. make resistance fun again
SMILE Patrol Wednesday, February 21
In his MAIMS, Daniel A. Brown likens Americans to their Plymouth brethren trembling in a new land
Local faith leader sounds alarm over bill being fast tracked in state legislature
Questions whether she and Curry are receiving the same treatment
The TYRANNY of the Corn Field Wednesday, February 14
Local sports talk radio aficionado remembers an unsung hero of the trade: Greg Larson
Easier than WHAT? Wednesday, February 14
Visit Jacksonville marketing campaign raises questions
Sweet Things for Your SWEET Things Wednesday, February 14
Lovers' guide to edibles
Year of the DOG Wednesday, February 14
Davi ponders Chinese New Year, which deems dogs honest, loyal & most reliable partners