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ARIES: June 4-11 Wednesday, June 4
“We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us,” writes novelist Robert R. McCammon. “We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of …
AQUARIUS: June 4-11 Wednesday, June 4
Wish I could say your power animal this month is eagle, dolphin or panther. Having a glamorous creature like that as an ally might boost your confidence and charisma. To be paired with one of them …
Based on the flimsiest 
of evidence, Ryan Wilson spent 
10 months behind bars. 
A jury acquitted him in 
less than 10 minutes
Meet the guy who freaked out Marilyn Manson
Deep South rock royalty are back with a new studio album and a legendary live show
Meet Operation Ceasefire, where constitutional protections are smothered by a Manichean narrative
PET LOVERS' ISSUE Tuesday, June 3
OK, we get it. You all — like, every single one of you — think your pet is the cutest damn thing in Northeast Florida
Arizona-based folk punks Andrew Jackson Jihad find kindred spirits in Jacksonville
WHAT’S IN A NAME? Tuesday, June 3
Vanellope, Rydder, Jceion and Burklee head the new annual list of most common baby names on the Social Security Administration register of first-time-appearing names. There were 63 Vanellopes …
So there’s this woman, Angela Anderson, who was all over local news last week because she put a petition on for a clothing-optional 1-mile stretch of Jacksonville Beach. …
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