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HOOSEGOW NOOKIE Wednesday, August 13
In July, Italian news agency ANSA reported Italy's San Vittore prison in Milan is scheduling regular "happy hour" socials for female inmates — catered, with alcohol, and with "external" guests welcome, to the displeasure of the prison guards' …
NEW WORLD ORDER Wednesday, August 13
Among the foods "you wouldn't even eat if trapped on a desert island" in a May London Daily Mirror item: canned cheeseburger (Germany), canned whole chicken (Sweet Sue brand of USA), canned peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Mark One Foods of USA), …
SMELLS LIKE LUV Wednesday, August 13
The first "pheromone party" is said to have been staged in New York City in 2010; the concept was revived recently in London, as men and women each brought three used, unwashed, un-fragranced T-shirts in plastic bags as the price of admission (along …
CAN JIMMY COME OUT? Wednesday, August 13
James Jordan Sr. died in Brooklyn, New York, in 2006, but NYPD officers have barged into his family's home 12 times since then — four in 2014 alone — seeking him on various charges. His widow, Karen Jordan, even taped his death certificate to …
A NOTW Classic (January 2010) Wednesday, August 13
In November 2009, a Chicago judge ruled former firefighter Jeffrey Boyle is entitled to his $50,000 annual pension even though he'd pleaded guilty to eight counts of arson and allegedly confessed to 12 more. Boyle is known locally as "Matches" Boyle …
WHY DUVAL KIDS CAN'T READ Wednesday, August 13
And why there's not much an extra hour will do about it
HEY COCKTAIL LOVER! Sunday, August 10
Jacksonville’s craft cocktail scene has arrived, and here’s the proof
PISCES: August 6-12 Wednesday, August 6
“I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice,” said British author G.K. Chesterton, “and then going away and doing the exact opposite.” In my astrological opinion, no one can possibly give you accurate counsel in the weeks ahead. Your circumstances are too unique, your dilemmas too idiosyncratic for experts to understand, let alone those who think they own a piece of you. It might be useful to hear what everyone has to say about your situation, though. Knowing their mistaken or uninformed perspectives helps you get clarity.
AQUARIUS: August 6-12 Wednesday, August 6
Near the end of his career, painter Henri Matisse created a paper-cut composition, Le Bateau, or The Boat. It’s an abstract piece that does not depict a literal boat. That’s why the Museum of Modern Art in New York may be forgiven for mistakenly hanging it upside-down in 1961, upon first acquiring the piece. Fortunately, after a month and a half, a knowledgeable person noticed, and Le Bateau was corrected. Is a comparable phenomenon going on now? Is it possible a part of your life got inverted or transposed? If so, are you sharp enough to see the goof and brave enough to fix it?
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