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PARTS NOW KNOWN Wednesday, May 13
Even among the many ill-advised schemes pitched at this year’s World’s Largest Idea Flea Market, project #22066: Bring Anthony Bourdain to Jacksonville stood out as one of the more …
RHYTHMIC CURRENT Wednesday, May 13
I first met John Lumpkin several years ago, when we both competed in the finals of Guitar Center Drum Off. An imposing character both physically and musically, Lumpkin destroyed us all, combining …
BEERS OF SUMMER Wednesday, May 13
What to pair with Northeast Florida’s ungodly humidity
ORGANIC COMPOUND Wednesday, May 13
On slowing down and growing up with Nashville’s Natural Child
BORN TO LIVE THE BLUES Wednesday, May 13
Elder British statesman John Mayall brings a half-century of blues to Northeast Florida
WATER GRAB Wednesday, May 13
Sleepy Creek Lands — a 29,000 acre ranch in Northeast Marion County — wants to pump 1.46 million gallons of water a day from the Floridan Aquifer to grow the sustenance for the 9,500 head …
How many people could a People Mover move if a people-mover could move people?
A man called out, “Mark,” and Jacksonville’s Ambassador of Fun turned toward the sound of his name.
JAZZ HANDS Wednesday, May 13
 Jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan first burst onto the music scene in the early ’80s, when he became an instant trailblazer on the strengths of his two-handed tapping on the …
THEY GOT THE GOODS Wednesday, May 13
 While they’ve sometimes been described as “maudlin” (not unlike the entire Folio Weekly editorial staff), and their sound tips a cap to The Smiths, Tampa-based rockers and …