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PARADE OF HORRIBLES Wednesday, February 10
What the HRO debate says about Jacksonville
HAIL, NO! Wednesday, February 10
The Coen Bros. tribute to colorful characters of 1950s Hollywood comes off a tad too monochromatic
HOT ROD Wednesday, February 10
During the annual list of celebrity obituaries that pervaded various media outlets at year’s end, I was particularly saddened to read of the death of Australian Rod Taylor, at the ripe old age …
A TASTE OF HISTORY Wednesday, February 10
Historic hospitality and delicious food in Fernandina
FROM THE (NEW) EDITOR Wednesday, February 10
As the newest editor of Folio Weekly Magazine, I am honored, thrilled and a little bit terrified to be tasked with the sacred duty of editing Northeast Florida’s independent voice. Our regular …
YEAH, BOI Wednesday, February 10
A while back, while reviewing an album released by a local female songwriter, I was taken to task by her fans for “admitting” that I was a fan of female songwriters. The intent was to …
THE STRANGE WISDOM OF 2 CHAINZ Wednesday, February 10
Indomitable work ethic + outsized personality = One of the greatestrap success stories of all time for this MC
IN FULL BLOOM Wednesday, February 10
Local indie-pop quartet Le Orchid aims high with debut EP while remaining grounded in the 904
MOVING ON UP Wednesday, February 10
Young VP hopes more will follow him Downtown
SEA CHANGE ON THE PITCH Wednesday, February 10
Armada FC makes ambitious changes in hopes of winning season