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Sarcasm & WORD Bombs Wednesday, February 28
Pippi NO Stockings Wednesday, February 28
In 2004, The New York Times suggested this ensemble work, starring the “runaway stripper, Pippi” would be destined for bigger things. It has graced stages across the nation and earned …
DIY with BIG LEAGUE Support Wednesday, February 28
Jacksonville native Yuno signs with acclaimed independent label Sub Pop Records
A RAT in the Library Wednesday, February 28
Banksy makes his Duval debut, in spirit, if not the flesh
Where the DESERT Meets the SEA Wednesday, February 28
Rawness and wildness in Larry Wilson’s Spirit Vessels
ALPHABET SOUP Edition Wednesday, January 24
Whether it’s a beach, a beer or a book, there’s something fabulous for you to get into this weekend
Trump's American Carnage Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Trump’s economic proposals are going to set the stage for another recession. The infrastructure proposal, military expansion, and massive tax cut that Republicans are drooling over, will result in …
The fight for water gets to Florida Monday, January 2, 2017
The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a project undertaken by Spectra Energy, NextEra and Duke Energy to transport gas through a 515-mile pipe that crosses Alabama, Georgia and Florida, expected to be …
MURDER … THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE! Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Not to be confused with “gelato,” the Italian term “giallo” designates a specific type of cinematic treat – namely, Italian slasher films. Some film historians …